My husband has been super secretive: Advice?

My husband and I have been married for three years, going on four years in a month. We have two beautiful girls 2, and 1-year-old baby number 3 is due in 4 months, he completed changed the past couple months, he is a truck driver, he is very secretive, I try talking to him, he doesn’t like talking he yells. And tell me I have a very nasty personality, he has a different phone, and I never saw it! He lies and swears on his mother and the kids when I ask him questions, I keep hearing that he wants to marry a second wife, he promised to marry some girl and he isn’t telling me about it or asking for a divorce, he is rude, he doesn’t play or interact with the kids like before he seems to hate them!! I feel betrayed, I feel like he never loved me he used me to slave for his company! And now I stopped working for him; he doesn’t seem to want me!


Just pray God will lead the way but at some point you will get tired I know I did tired of wondering if I would find something or worse you are a beautiful strong woman

It hurts more to hold on. I wish you strength because something is going on with him

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I swear some women are crazy. If the man is doing all that (even though you so call love him) get your kids and things and leave. Women act like they can’t do anything without a man but yes you can. It may be hard at first but at least you won’t be in an unhappy marriage and eventually you will find someone that will treat you right


Attorney and done !! Take back your power and realize your worth.


So sad , talk to a close friend, then a lawyer!!

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Wtf. No question. Take the kids and leave…


And your question is?


Take your kids and run before it gets any worse


He’s a serial killer

What n the fawK ya need his truCK to faLL on toP a YoU?? All the signs r thERe and u aLreadY know he a lying CHEATING BASTARD. ANNNND FOR THE RECORD he’ll swear on your life his life even his kids…A SORRY ASS man will nOT geT caught Lying. Even when he’s CAUGHT LYING… Ur Gunna stay and be miserable. Butttt I hope u get brave and smart realllll fasT anD GET YO LIFE YESSSS even with alllll ur kids!! Get hold bOO… stop being leSS than!!

Wait you worked for him and you quit? How come you don’t stay and just give yourself a raise? Now you’re sitting at home waiting on her hand out. There’s this game that’s called life. Sometimes we have to be humble so that we can get where we are going. You now use him back! Dry those tears up! Shoulders back! Chin up! Go back to work. Give yourself a big a$$ raise.

Get out NOW! I went through this. Its not gonna get better. Only worse


U could have been packing u and your babies stuff instead of posting this. U love him and this hurts and all which is completely understandable but BABY that child support and alimony will make u forget all about him and his cheating tail. God Bless and Good Luck.

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Run, run, run! Take them babies while he’s trucking and get out!

Run. Sounds very very bad. I cannot imagine going through this, much less pregnant. But you need to get out of this situation. I pray that you have supportive family that can help you. :pray:t2::heart:


It’s always better to have 2 happy homes then 1 miserable one.
Run. Your kids will cope and if hes a trucker that spends most of his time otr then it wont be much different if u left! (My ex was a trucker, and cheated multiple times)
You should never beg for attention or love or for affection and definitely respect.
I would say get out, before it gets worse and it starts effecting the kids, or his non caring attitude turns into aggression and he becomes abusive.
Its hard, the path wont be easy, but after awhile itll be worth it, for your sanity.


I know its hard to get up and leave with the kids. He us mentally abusing you and probably physical. Please leave now and dont wait another minute

As a truck drive we go through a certain type of isolation it does not mean he dont care it’s not easy being a truck driver look up the double sided life if a truck driver on YouTube it might shed some light on how he’s feeling

I’m confused. He is marrying a second wife? So has this always been an acceptable thing in your marriage? Multiple wives? As far as everything else going on, it seems scary! Definitely cheating or something. Worried he may lash out on you or worse. Pls go stay with a family member!