My husband has been texting some a woman until midnight: Thoughts?

I came home from work and saw that my husband had been texting a woman who I don’t know until midnight. This isn’t the first time I’ve caught him doing this. They talked for almost three hours, and the other woman even asked if I’d be upset that they were talking. She said her husband wouldn’t as long as it didn’t get personal. My stance is that it is extremely inappropriate to be texting another woman until midnight, and if you have to ask if something is wrong, it’s probably freaking wrong. Am I overreacting? Why does he feel the need to seek attention from other women?


No ,you are not over reacting ,My husband was doing the same , he eventually walked out and left me for her


Did he hide it from you in anyway

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Depends on the content of their conversation. For some reason people seen to have forgotten that men and women can be just friends.


No you aren’t overreacting. Just caught mine doing the same thing with 2 women. And it was VERY personal

Not all all appropriate.

Yeah I’d be a little pissed off myself

I wouldn’t consider this to be “okay”.

I’d be pissed but that last question is something you have to ask yourself and him. If hes done it before and nothing came of it its because you allow it.

Completely inappropriate…those hours are husband and wife hours. That’s your time she’s taking. Nip it in the bud…I personally would let her know…she needs to be talking to HER husband at midnight…not yours.


Not appropriate. Even if my husband was texting a man until the wee hours of the morning I’d have a problem with it. There’s emotional cheating too, and it doesn’t have to have a sexual undertone.


Deuces MF!. You deserve better than that…


No, fuck that. Boundaries are being crossed for sure. Even just as a friend, my husband would NEVER be texting some woman after midnight.


Girl read the first sentence you typed. Does that SOUND normal to you? :woman_facepalming:t4:


Not appropriate at all unless they are friends or relatives.

I’d be angry! Even if it is just a friendship right know , who knows what’s to happen ! I’d be asking questions !!!

I’d be pissed if he didn’t tell me because that means he has something to hide. If he was just talking and could tell you that that would mean he has nothing to hide. But I’d be mad.

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I’d be pissed, and gone.

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My bf has a lot of friends who are girls who he’ll either text, snapchat, or message on facebook. I used to feel uneasy about it, but he became open about it and let’s me know who and when he talks to them. If he hides it then I’d say talk to him about it. If not, then don’t look too deep into it. Your significant other is allowed to get attention from other people that aren’t you.


I’m the kind of women who will offer to go on a double date. If it’s not going past boundaries neither of them should have an issue with ALL of us being friends. But the fact its that late at night tells me its on the line between friends and inappropriate.