My husband is a good father but has anger issues: Advice?

I am married for eight years, and I have two kids (5 years old and eight months) I am a housewife and my husband works two jobs seven days a week with no days off (his choice). I have no friends or family members. I am originally from another country. My problem is my husband is a very angry man; he can’t control himself, he yells at me and gets mad for any stupid reason. He curses all the time in front of our kids when I tell him to watch his mouth and not use the f word he gets even angrier and curses more. Anything can piss him off if food is not ready on time if the house is messy or toys are on the floor if he asked me to do something, and I forget to do it. He’s verbally abusive, and Life is turning into hell with him. He’s like that since I married him. I want to leave him, but as I said, I have nowhere to go. I don’t have a job or an American degree. I lived in the USA for eight years and worked one time as a cashier for seven months. He’s a great father, and he loves his kids to death but he’s very harsh on me because he knows I can’t do anything about it and have nowhere to go. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


He agrees to counseling and changes or leave. It only gets worse


Go to social services or a shelter for abused women. They will guide you and help you to get a life for yourself and your kids so you don’t have to continue this lifestyle. Put p me foot in front of the other and get safe.


He sounds like a control freak. He isn’t a good father if he is verbally and emotionally abusing their mother. It will never get better and you will lose yourself. Find help there alot of decent men out there that know how to treat a women. Don’t settle. You live in America now.


Get out while you can. Contact womens aid or sdas .

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You can’t change him unless he wants to. Therapy would be great… if he would agree! Is there anyone, a male friend of his, that he would listen to?

Call legal aid. They can give you advice on where to go to get help if you want to leave him.

Unfortunately it sounds like you are his punching bag which is NOT ok. You and your kids deserve better. You have so much life ahead of you and you dont need your kids seeing their father belittling their mother. That is NOT healthy. I know you have nothing but better to leave with nothing than be verbally abused every single day. Do the right thing and leave! It will only get worse trust me. He will only change if he wants to. He knows he can get away with this cause you stay. Put your foot down and leave! :heart::heart::heart:

Wow not good leave him

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He is teaching your children how a man should act and they will learn his behavior. It will only get worse. You are in an abusive relationship. I pray you get help. Go to a women’s shelter or a local church for help.

Start planning and saving secret money for your escape and do not let him know. It likely will become physical in time.

Please leave now. There are a lot of resources available no matter where you are, please don’t wait.

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Does he drink alcohol?

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Choose yourself and your kids over that bs because it won’t get better, it will only get worse. Secretly contact social services and find out what do you have to do to get your own place. You’ll probably be able stay where you are and he could move out and pay you alimony and child support. This is America, exercise your rights.

Call social or family services and ask for some guidance on what is available in your area. I would recommend counseling also, regardless if you stay or not. No one deserves to be verbally abused PERIOD. He can only treat you the way you allow him to. Don’t put up with that shit.

He has unresolved issues… needs help asap !

Maybe he just needs a break you said so yourself 2 jobs seven days a week cut the guy some slack and maybe try to make a better day for him… sounds like he has alot on his shoulders instead of complaining to women who are gonna say leave him. Try to find out what’s wrong. Spend some time with him… do something for him since he does so much for you… wouldn’t you be upset working all the time no you time no family time. It can pile up so much weight on his shoulders… be a good woman and do something to show some appreciation


Yeah… leave…
there’s help out there…
stop making excuses to stay

Many women leave with nothing…
It’s a risk you have to be willing to take

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He’s not a good father at all if he will treat the mother of his children this way. He’s actually being a terrible father and it sounds like he could potentially be dangerous to you and the kids.


There are domestic shelters and other resources. He knows your vulnerable and totally dependant on him and he’s taking advantage. Surely, you want what’s best for the kids. But the environment is toxic AND it could potentially get worse. For now start documenting everything. Record conversations. Him having a tantrum. Get a paper trail going…