My husband is a impulse spender and has sunk us into debt

My husband is an impulse spender. Never on little things, but expensive things. Things that require monthly payments. Nintendo, playstation, motorcycle, guns, etc. Every time he comes home from work (he works out of state a week on, week off) he buys something new. It’s like he becomes obsessed with something, buys it, spends a few weeks buying everything for it and then doesnt touch it for months. I try to budget money every month, but his spending is so all over the place. We have a joint account that I use for our kids. I put money in it every month for their monthly expenses, food, toiletries for me, etc. I budget that, but he uses it while hes at work. Every time I budget and check the account, money is gone. I put $437 in that account every month and it’s gone in the 2nd week. If that! What’s worse is that he sits here and lectures ME about spending money knowing damn well the only spending I do is on necessities. I only have $210 in my account. I need to buy diapers, wipes, food, etc with that only. Not to mention, I have to pay my school loan by the 5th. I’m over here watering down my shampoo and body soap while he has a brand new nintendo switch. I’m beyond frustrated being broke all the time. Im a SAHM (cant afford daycare) and I’m getting a job. I cant do this anymore. The anxiety alone is making me sick, I dont eat, I dont sleep, I sit here and obsess over money. I’m sick of it. I want to move out of his parents home and be on our own, but now were stuck here. I’m building my credit as fast as I can because his is so overloaded (I had no credit). I’m just sick of it.


Separate your accounts if he is spending your money.


Get a separate bank account…one that he can not touch


Dont put money in account for him id also pawn the nintendo or game to pay for the items that the kids need


I would definitely say you are on the right track of getting a job and building your credit. Because girl hell no that’s ridiculous. Stop putting money in that account and get a new one just in your name. He obviously is content living with his parents so he can pay little to nothing and spend his money, and yours, on himself. That has got to be frustrating.


Get your own account.

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Stop putting money in the joint account if you know he is wasting it and spend it on the kids like it’s suppose to be

#1 get your own bank account
#2 sell all his shit while he’s gone, and put that money in your account :woman_shrugging:

Open your own account and stop putting money into joint

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Agree with getting your own acct. That way not only will you have money for yours and the kids’ needs, he can’t blame anyone but himself when he’s broke.


I would start hiding new shit or selling it off oh well baby needs diapers you gotta flip it some how offer up anyone :thinking:

I’m an impulse spender as well but not that extreme. My husband pays all of our finances I work part time as a school bus driver and he’s always like what are you doing with your money and I’m like well…look at these cute little outfits I bought the kids and stuffing 3 other shopping bags in the cupboard under the stairs but we did get a new car in June and I haven’t had to ask him for money to pay it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

hope you’re in a state where his bills are ; his bills. otherwise you’re gonna be stuck with them either way.


Possible he’s doing it so you’ll get a job too ?

He needs to feel the burn of having to save for something.
Put your monthly needs money in a separate account.
Please lock your social cards including your kids in a fire box.

If he has a spending addiction then he might swoop low enough to get credit cards in theirs or your name.

Also see if he’s open to see a therapist or financial advisor…


that said, a grown man would have you out of his parent’s home….this shouldn’t be up to you. SMDH

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Get a separate account that he cannot touch and only put an allowance in his account.

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I’d express to him on top of just being irresponsible its disrespectful! My husband and I share an account. He works, I stay home. We never make big purchases without consulting the other person just out of respect, not for permission. I have never had to ask for money and the kids ALWAYS come first. We tell each other to treat themselves all the time and rarely do. We made this life together, we each do our part to take care of it. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. Budgeting when we are on the same page is stressful sometimes, I bet you are a thousand times more stressed :broken_heart:


His money is your money. Use his account to buy things you need. That’s what being married is.

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Get a separate account that he cannot touch.

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