My husband is againts having another child: Advice?

My husband is a stay at home, dad, and I am currently working. I want to have another baby, but my husband is against it. I don’t want to pressure him into anything; I wanted to hear from another woman who is or have been in my situation. How did you handle it?


If he will be the main one caring for the infant while your working than take that into consideration. Unless you plan on switching roles. He knows his limits on what he can handle, just like you know your limits.


Simple, you don’t have another child unless it’s what BOTH parents want. He’s the one staying home so honestly I feel like he should have more of a say. Don’t bring it up constantly. Wait a while and mention it again and see where he is at 6-12months from now.


You wait until he decides if and when he wants another and that’s it.


Have you ever been a stay at home mom?
Because I am one. And my boyfriend works. I’ve been home 7 years and let me tell you-it’s difficult.
You need to talk about this, because there’s obviously reasons he doesn’t want more.


Simple, you wait for him to be ready (if he will ever be ready), or you go find someone who wants more kids :woman_shrugging:t2:


Im a stay at home mom to our 5 kids. I got my tunes removed because there is no way I wanted more. My husband still wanted another but I know I can’t handle more than we already have. Take his feelings into consideration since he’s the one at home all day with your kid(s)


So I’m a stay at home mom, we did agree on not having another child. But PLEASE take his full emotions into consideration, being a stay at home parent is very stressful and very lonely. If he doesn’t want another child please respect that


Let him make the choice, he will end up resenting you otherwise

I waited for about a year and brought it back up and WE decided to give it a go. She’s awesome!!

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If he doesn’t want another kid, then guess you don’t get another kid. My husband doesn’t want anymore kids, and although it was not directly what I want. I take my husbands feelings and wants into consideration.


His body, his choice. No means no! My husband knew I wanted a big family but we choose to stop at 3. I had my tubes tied. He didn’t want anymore and I respected that. You can’t pressure him into it.


Just like when getting a pet, everyone has to be on board.


What about HER resenting HIM?
Anyways, did you guys discuss this before marriage?
Best advice is to wait 6 months and inquire his thoughts about it again. They’re only little for so long so hopefully he takes that into consideration. It’s not like you want one more baby after a couple - you just don’t want an ONLY child and that I can completely understand.
Hopefully you two can come to an agreement. I like my kids age gap of 5½ years. Not two sets of diapers, the older helps A TON and entertains younger one and doesn’t have the mean jealousy thing going on. One is in school.
Anyways, when you have young kids and babies it’s ROUGH but it’s kind of about the whole investment of having children. Like I said they are only little for so long…
(My $.02)


I was a stay at home mom we have now switched and both of us agreed no more kids (we have 4, 2 toodlers that are home) it’s alot.

Switch roles and see if he changes his mind. My wife was all for a new baby on the terms she didn’t carry it, we then unexpectedly got a foster baby where I’m the stay at home mom and guess what? Now I’m also team no more babies :rofl::rofl::rofl: I love my kids and 4 is more than enough. I know people who THOUGHT they wanted more than one kid. Try spending some time a friend who has a few and it may help you fully decide that


Respect how he feel , he’s not ready for another right now.

I would not want to bring a innocent child into this world.if you truelywant achild please adopt.


Was this talked about before marriage? What was the plan? Maybe give him time and he’ll change his mind in a couple of years.

How old is your little one. Maybe it’s because of the age and stage. Hugs. Maybe he’ll change his mind. Also if there is only one wouldn’t it be more realistic for both of you to work if there isn’t going to be anymore. :woman_shrugging: hugs I can’t say anything I have five

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