My husband is an alcohlic: Advice?

My husband is an alcoholic, and he refuses to get help or stop drinking. We have three kids, and while he is good with kids as far as school pickups, dinner, and running errands when asked, his addiction is driving a wedge between us. He works full-time and at a labor-intensive job, but come the weekend, he is buying 12-15 beers for himself with the sole purpose of getting drunk. We don’t go out anywhere or have anyone over, so it’s not like he could use the excuse that we were at a party and he overindulged a bit. Whenever I try to discuss it, he gets angry and will walk out of the room or shout over me to get me to stop nagging. I’ve threatened divorce, and it doesn’t phase him. I’ve begged him to get treatment, but he feels he can just “cut back.” We have no marriage left, as the years of resentment have just built up. For the record, he hasn’t ever hit me, the kids, or gone to work drunk. But I worry about the impact this is having on the kids.


My kid ended up with a drinking issue too. That is the effect it has. Send him to treatment or packing until he goes to treatment


And go to a aa meeting, they can help you even if not him

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Tell him to get help or you are leaving and follow through. Go to a friends/family members house with the kids for a couple of days. Make him see that if he doesn’t change he’s behaviour that you are actually going to leave, your not just saying it. Don’t go to leave while he’s home. Wait till he’s at work, write a note and pack everything the kids with need for a couple of days. Don’t go back till he has actually gone to get help and has proof.

If you re-read this to yourself, you have your answer xoxo


My ex is an alcholholic… We split when my son was 2.5 months old. Best decision ever! My son doesn’t see the stumbling angry arguments! Do not stay for the kids. They need stability…


12-15 beers on the weekend isn’t that bad… Idk maybe it’s just me but I don’t see that as being an alcoholic if he’s only drinking on weekends. My mistake if it’s more than that but maybe that’s his way to unwind after working all week, full time at his labor intensive job…


Question… Does he only drink on the weekends. Or thru the week as also? I feel like if it’s just the weekend’s and he’s not abusive it’s ok. But if it’s all week and hes hiding it. Then there’s a problem.


Leave, it won’t get better.

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My EX-husband was also like this, but that amount of beer then jumped up to a case or more on sat and sun. After 26 years I finally had the courage to divorce him and looking back should of did it years before that. As it is not a way to live.

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If he’s unwilling to get help, pack up your kids and go.


You cant call your husband an alcoholic if he has an average of a 6 pack a night on weekends… that’s how a lot of men unwind! My husband usually drinks 28 in a week but I’m not preaching hes an alcoholic because it averages to 4 a night. Maybe you nag too much :woman_shrugging::thinking:


If he is alcoholic, he needs to stop for himself. If he does it for anyone else he will fail. But by all means you dont have to subject the family to it, if he wont even entertain the idea of trying to stop, have your own plan and stick to it.

If he’s an alcoholic he must have alcohol in his system so therefore he would be still intoxicated. Does he drink everyday?

I am in same boat. My so has never been abusing but he drinks way to much and him and alcohol dont go well together anytime I say something he says I’m nagging or calls me a pot head which he is only not smoking because he is on probation

For your children it’s time to leave. This is his problem and he needs to fix it. To stay comes at too of a price for you and your children.


Yah if you’ve said you would leave and he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about ur marriage. I couldn’t do that heckkk no.

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The only thing you have control over are the choices YOU make. If YOU are not happy then do something about it. If YOU have teied communicating and HE CHOOSES not to see the entire picture. Then YOU make the choice in what YOU are willing to put up with in YOUR life. No one else’s opinion matters. The hardest decision you’ll have to make.


I feel your pain. My husband has drank for years and now he is suffering the consequences. Cirrhosis of the liver and it is bad. No matter what you say or do it will not work. It is his choice to stop. There is no stopping. Mine still drinks liquor and knows he is dying. Be patient.

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