My husband is an alcohlic: Should I give him more chances?

I have two toddler boys. My husband is an alcoholic and NOT physically abusive towards us. My kids are safe and will stay that way. My husband has this thing where he gets the urge to leave and go out and do god knows what, so he will make up some reason to argue with me. Last night he went through my phone and pulled up FB messages from guys from like six years ago (we’ve been together for four years). Called me a cheating whore and said if I want them to go for it… he left, and I went to sleep (the kids were already asleep when all this happened). Apparently, he came back at some point when I was sleeping and took my purse, which has my wallet and car keys… I already reported all my credit/debit cards stolen, but now I and the kids are stuck at the house with no way to leave, and I have to work today. This is not the first time he’s done this type of thing… its pretty common. I’m so done. Would any of you stay in a relationship like this? I can give any more of chances


You’re letting your children see his behavior and if you take him back, you’re showing them it’s ok. Have a plan and leave when you’re able. It won’t be easy but like will be better! :heart:

He needs help and you need to go.

Nope, take the kids and leave


Honey this is called emotional abuse. So yes you’re being abused and he needs help. Get a plan together for yourself and children if he doesn’t seek help for his addiction. This is NOT okay for children to see

Your kids aren’t safe and neither are you. Leave and never look back


Would you want a friend or family member in this relationship you described?
You deserve what you want for a friend or family so expect the same for yourself.
Set an example for your children.


You need to leave. Your children deserve better. His never going to change. He is verbally abusing you.


Get out my mum had a boyfriend like this when I was younger although he was physically abusive it didn’t start like that but he did lock us in the house n take my mums money ect you need to get them out it not a good thing for them to see even if it’s not physically abusive they’re still aware of what’s happening and it will 100% still effect them

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Leave or tell him to leave.why should you have to give up your and the kids home.

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Your kids are not safe if they are living under the same roof as an alcoholic that’s bullshit.

Leave now. It will get worse, not better.


No! Tell him to leave, you need a home for the kids and you!

Get out while the getting out is possible and safe

No, it’ll only get worse. Next thing you know, you’ll be getting calls that he crashed the car or is in jail on DUI charges. From experience, please get out before it goes down that road. Good luck!

Why are you putting yourself through the pain and staying with him if this happens a fair bit he obviously does not care what he is doing i think you need to leave him for yours and the kids sake there would be no way i would put myself through that

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You said it yourself:
“I’m so done.”
Kick his ass to the curb girl

I was with someone that did the same thing for 12 years and it never changed, it morphed and evolved into different but same antics and he always tried to project his problems onto me. I promise this will never change, you will have this stress and misery until you are free and not with him. He took my keys and left me unable to go to work 3 times amongst dozens of other things.


No it’s not ok, but there are ways and help available if that’s what u choose! Only u can say when enough Is enough! Hope u get things sorted! The boys should come first though

Leave and leave asap. You nor your children deserve that.

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