My husband is leaving me and I don't know how to survive: Advice?

Hey, all you amazing Mamas, needing some kind and advice and real help. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past two years my daughter is 5 in kindergarten now. My husband wants to separate and Idk how to survive. I have no job, no money of my own, and no family I can turn too. I live in NYC as well, which I can’t afford even a studio apartment. Please help I’m so depressed and hurt. I don’t know how to move on right now and survive. Thank you and God bless.


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First I would start with applying to pLces.that work around school hours. Secondly dont be afraid to apply for assistance that’s why it’s there. Sometimes things happen in life and I truly wish you the best. Goodluck


Start applying for jobs, housing and government help . you can do this you really have no choice


Go get a job and go from there.

You will survive the same as you did before him!:sparkling_heart: one day at a time. It literally feels like death but fuck that momentary emotion and make yourself glow!! I think we tend to forget the strength inside us sometimes. Sending lots of love and encouragement!! You can do this!!

You just do it! Breathe. Have your break down. Get up and move on. Do you have family or friends nearby? Would they let you stay till you get on your feet? Apply for assistance. Look for jobs. Remember that you’re amazing and the way you respond to this will be what your kids remember. :heart:


Has he offered any help at all?

I lived in nyc… Its rough. Especially in ur situation. Try applying for the one shot deal… If the case is you being homeless. Theyll help you asap. And they can help with work and day care. Ny is hard to survive in but if you know where to go and who to speak to. You be good asap. Good luck. Dm me if needed


go after child support and alimony, as well as going after him for your attorney fees as well as paying for your support and college, so you can get a degree in a position that will bring you gainful employment


Local shelter
Also spousal support is as much as of a thing as child support is

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Swagbucks, for some extra little things throughout the month and just get on the hunt for a job, it’s hard but dont let him see you struggle be strong and do what you gotta do.

find a more suitable area to live. get a job, find a school and after school daycare. Think about it as a step by step process. you can look into government support until you can get on your feet as well. you can do this!!!

My husband left me 2 weeks before Christmas. I felt the same way. You need to find a job asap and start building that life. Apply for assistance for ow, look for a cheap little place. You can move again once u have saved, but getting a tiny place is important.
I’m sorry this happened to you. It’s not easy. It sucks and u feel like u wont ever be able to move forward. Its confusing and you will be sad and angry. But, it will get easier. I promise. Apply for child support and spousal support if u need to. Where is your family? Can u move closer to them?
I’m one month alone, and some days are CRAP…but it’s not all day, just moments. You will get through this.


I’m sure with your husband having a full time job you will have your daughter far more often. He will have to provide some sort of child support. Don’t let ANYONE talk shit on you receiving child support. Don’t be afraid to ask for government assistance while you look for a job that fits your life and schedule.
Good luck mama :blue_heart:

Starts with your own job. Listen to the helpful ladies on here

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Move somewhere you can afford to be. If it’s out of NYC move away. Sometimes a move after a divorce is just what you need


Get on public assistance. They will make will you apply for child support. Then apply for HUD housing. In the mean time go to public housing and see if they have any openings for an apartment. Then start looking for a job.You can do it. I did it almost two years ago. It was really hard but its sooo much better…


Take his ass to court make him pay alimony for being a dick.

Get an attorney ASAP and do as they tell you