My husband isn't emotionally invested in our family: What should I do?

I need tips on how to switch from breastfeeding to pumping and bottle feeding as the main way of feeding my baby. How do you make the transition from just on demand nursing to pumping in a way that you have enough to bottle feed baby most of the time?


I preferred breast feeding to pumping?? Much easier and ready anytime.

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Join a breastfeeding mom group on fb. Great helpers

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Cantact le leche league

FYI… If Your husband gets up daily and goes to work to provide for you, the baby, and himself he is emotionally invested way more than you realize. Women have got to stop being self centered and start seeing the whole bigger picture. Being mom isn’t easy, but being dad who carries the weight of the bills and the families financial well being isn’t easy either. I am thinking you want him to be able to feed the baby to and he most likely wants to as well. The pumping truly depends on your milk supply… You will temporarily need to nurse and pump in between to build up your milk supply… With that being said nursing and pumping for the first couple of weeks to build your supply will require a lot more of your time than just nursing. Also some ladies can not pump without the baby being against her body to stimulate the let down… You should join a breast feeding group for good tips… It’s been years since I was a breast feeding mom, but I never pumped as the bomb on demand was more convenient than pumping several times a day and having to sterilize the equipment after every single use. Keeping the bombs clean was just so much easier! Good luck and try to take into account just how much your hubby does that you don’t have to do and be thankful for his presence. There is women in this world whom wish they had a baby daddy taking care of the financial side of life, but they don’t. Single moms have to work and juggle being mom. Be thankful… Then baby blues can blind us from seeing how good we have it!


I. Naturally breastfed one and due to medical have to express for my second… Honestly straight from the boob is so much easier… Pumping takes up so much of your time

In six weeks time i had mine on formula.3 weeks full time 1 week on and off formula then next weeks mostly formula till done.Little milk had to breastfeed…

What the fuck are you talking about


The letter leche league should be able to help u with that.or your pediatrician

You can quit showing your kids that his treating you this way is acceptable. GET. OUT.


If there is a womens resource center I would go immediately. They can help give/get you the info to start over by yourself. It must be so scary and I’m so sorry for you, but please look into that and the resources they may offer. You won’t regret it.

Honestly I stopped reading halfway through. Get some respect for yourself, grow a damn backbone, get your kids and get the hell out of that relationship.

Run and don’t look back. That is so toxic and not ok at all. You will have to figure it out as you go but there is no reason to stay in a marriage that isn’t going anywhere and clearly your not happy.

Walk away. The hardest part is getting started. It’s not ok for him to act this way or for you to continue to do this with him. Your children are learning alot of bad habits watching the two of you act like this. Put your big girl panties on and kick his ass to the curb!

“When respect is no longer being served, you leave the table”… It is so much easier said than done when trying to leave a relationship, but you deserve to be happy, especially for the kiddos.

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I suggest marriage counseling. If he won’t go or won’t do the work then call it quits. In the time being start putting money aside so you can leave if the time comes, get in touch with places that can help you get on your feet.


Full trial separation with personal counseling for each of you and marriage counseling if your wanting to fight for this relationship.

Personally I would start therapy of some sort for myself and consult a divorce attorney and start planning to see if I can manage to move myself and the kids out and start the separation ASAP.

I think you have answered ur own question…u need to get out and find a safe place…go to court and ask for anger management classes etc before seeing the kids with supervised visitd

Read this about 5 times. Then start looking online for resources for victims of domestic abuse (his behavior is absolutely emotional, mental, and verbal abuse) and start making some calls. Don’t give him anything, not your time, not sex, not even a passing conversation.


He sounds like a narcissist. Get out while you can because they will NEVER change.