My husband left me out of the blue: Advice?

I was wondering if I can have a question posted anonymously my husband of two years left me 3 months ago out of the blue without no warning he said he left me to go back down to Texas to be with his 3 year old son he left me pregnant and he new it before he left yet still left i found out it wasn’t for his son he got with another woman and he is now living with her and engaged to her when he is still married to me he is even helping her with her 6 month old baby yet he left me pregnant with his child and my two oldest kids I have from a previous relationship who are 9 years old and 8 years old were calling him daddy because there real dad doesn’t want anything to do with them so he was feeling that role for two years he hurt not only me but them to he thinks I have no right to be mad at him and him and his family said I’m owed no sympathy to them he is in the right he hasn’t asked me once about the pregnancy since he is with this new girl blamed it on that I blocked him out well I have had him unblock for days now and still nothing he thinks I need to go out of my way to keep him Posted on the pregnancy I feel I don’t owe him a single thing after what he did to me and my kids I don’t want him involved because he doesn’t even take care of his own son he already has and I don’t want him coming in and out of this child’s life he said he would only travel to NY to see his child be born If I allow his girlfriend to be there to I said definitely not that is highly disrespectful my question is I’m I wrong for not allowing him at the hospital and keeping his name off my child’s birth certificate and for taking him to court for for custody of my baby when I don’t give him what he wants he threatens me that eventually he will come up here and take my baby from me from NY to Texas just to hurt me not only that he caused me to lose my youngest my 6 year boy when he was up her because he watched him for me one day when I wasn’t home and he belted him with his belt and cops got called and I lost my youngest and I have been fighting for him and trying to fix the mess that he made that’s one reason he took off his he had charge’s in NY he didn’t wanna deal with he also use to get mentality abusive to me when we were together and would get so mad he broke a window one time I just really feel like my baby would be unsafe with him I just want to protect my baby i don’t wanna lose another child because of him he doesn’t even wanna pay child support I’m 14 weeks pregnant just trying to get this all figured out before our baby is born please I need advice


Keep copies of ALL correspondence, try not to talk on the phone as it is all he said, she said. You take care of you, your kids, and your baby. Be polite and respectful in all correspondence. You’ll appreciate later that you’ve documented everything. Hire a lawyer.


My only question is why would you think he would take care of this baby when he didn’t take care of the first child? Plus it sounds as if he has moved on so you should also, so file for divorce dont mention anything about being pregnant in the divorce papers or during the court proceedings and then dont worry about him, because he isn’t going to fight you.


Does no one here care about these children? I’m sorry but given this story…she does NOT deserve to have these children. She has subjected them to child abuse, didn’t report…UNACCEPTABLE! She lost custody of her 6 yr old, because the man beat him…then was stupid (you can’t fix stupid) enough to get pregnant AGAIN! They sell birth control in all stores. This woman is an adult obviously not making good choices. These poor children need a voice because she is not doing a good job with them! :woman_shrugging:t2:


For starters I wouldn’t put him on the birth certificate at all. Bam. He already has no rights. UNLESS he chooses to go to the court and gets dna done and what not. But from the sounds of it he won’t. So I wouldn’t even worry momma do good for the babies you got now and the one on the way. It also seems to sound like the best option is to cut him out completely and to focus on fixing you’re family and getting your child back.


Oh FFS where do these people come from ?! There is more to this story you’re not telling. They wouldn’t take your 6 year old because that loser you call a husband hit him with a belt… you weren’t even there. He HAS to pay child support & he can’t marry someone else if he’s married to you ! You need professional help

Contact an attorney!!! If he abused one child he will abuse the others. Let all contact be through an attorney. He deserves NOTHING!!!

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No name on birth certificate
Divorce him
Keep records of all written or phone calls
Say good. Riddance and start over
Keep your kids safe and hang out as a single mom.for now. I know it’s easy to get involved again but hang tight.


Get that emergency child court where you can get custody and tell the judge he cheated and then left you while pregnant for another woman. You don’t have to put his last name for the baby. What you should have done this n the first place was leave his ass when he hit your 6 year old tho

It’s hard for men to get custody of children as long as a mother is doing what she supposed to. If you put them on the birth certificate not he’s still the father and if he does what he’s supposed to and pay support there’s nothing you can do.

Get a lawyer, file for divorce, child custody and child support. Texas will attach his wages to see that support is paid.


I say this with all sincerity, you and the baby are better off and you need to seek counseling for all of you.


We all can say what we want, but at the end of the day honey you need a lawyer. The most important thing is that you and your babies are safe and he is gone.

Divorce! Do not put his name on the birth certificate!!!
Keep everything from text messages phone calls and even voice mails, and if needed get a TPO


Stay away from him , keep your other kid safe, you deserve better, divorce him, walk away and dont turn back…

You crazy don’t put his name on the birth certificate stop talking change your number move the signs have been on the wall for a long time but you wound your to needy for a man

Be glad you’re rid of him!!! Best fir-you and your children!!!


Hes not worth it, who will he be with next? Ughh sick

I disagree. Yes,put his name on the child birth certificate. Make sure he supports the child if he sees the child or not. Get a lawyer


Oh no I’m so sorry… I hope your pregnancy goes well and you find your answers. I cocking imagine