My husband left me: What do I do?

My husband left me for someone younger. I honestly feel so broken. I don’t know what to do or who to go too about this. He wants me out of the house that we built together, and I am assuming he wants to move her in. I am completely shattered. We have three children together who I know this is going to break as well. Do I leave? Do I fight? What would you do? Part of me wants to be petty, and the other part just wants to leave and do better. I need advice.

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Take him to court for one !! I wouldn’t fight if he wants out show him the door you are worth more then broken promises and lies you deserve to be happy an so do your kids start fresh

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Fight he can’t kick you out and make sure u file for divorce and child support. Put your big girl pants on and fight you have kids

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He’s the one who left. You and the kids stay in the house. He can move in with his girlfriend.

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I would stay in the house with my kids. If he wants yo leave then so be it. Their lives should not be turned upside down.

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You and the kids stay in the house. He can move out. Talk to a lawyer asap

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You own half of everything you don’t have to leave. Fight for you and children!!!


I would not leave
He wants to break up your family so he can do it elsewhere
File for a divorce asap and custody paperwork


Your husband wants a change then he needs to change houses and be inconvenienced. I judge may very well give you the right to live in the house and him to continue to pay for it


Stay and take him for all he has. Don’t let her take over what the two of u spend years building. No joke. Those kiddos needs some adjustment time and don’t need to be yanked from their home and their father leaving as well. Seriously as hard as it is. U leave u and the kids have to start over in a new place with new things. Make him fight for it. He wasn’t man enough to tell you he was done then screw him let his new lover find him a place to lay his head


Go after him for alimony, and tell him your keeping the house or you’re taking him to court for alimony and cheating during your marriage. Be petty…


Leave him to his own devices. He will be salty and If not you won’t have been wasting time on bitterness or sorrow. Even if you don’t know it, you both don’t have what each other need any longer. Be strong and try to be resilient XXXOOO :broken_heart: Good Luck Friend


Get an attorney. Don’t do ANYTHING without an attorney.


Girl leave . Staying was the worst thing I ever did. Fight alone for what!?!? Because it didn’t do anything, if it’s inevitable then its inevitable . Iv been with my husband for 20 years since I was 16 years old 10 years in the Army three deployments three boys just for him to run away when I needed him the most when it was his turn to actually step up . fuck that all I know is I should have left a long time ago because now my 15 year old acts just like him and is disrespectful an ugly to me just like he’s always shown him to be don’t do it girl run

Get an attorney and do not leave your house!


Leave no matter what you do you will never love him the same once a cheater always a cheater

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Don’t move. And get a mean, aggressive attorney.


Do not leave kick the twat out


You need a place to live, make him go n get another place to take the other girls. Get alimony, n start a new life, you will love it. Don’t be weak n let him tell you what to do


Get a lawyer. Tell him you are not going anywhere, pack his crap and tell him to get out. File for divorce, child support and get him for adultery, possibly spousal support. If he still wants you out of the house tell him that’s fine, but he won’t be living there either unless he wants to buy you out. So he would need to pay you half of what the house is worth.