My husband never compliments me: Advice?

I am struggling with my husband. We’ve been together going on seven years. We’re both young. He no longer compliments me, even when I dress up. He won’t communicate with me anymore…I understand some people just have a hard time opening up, but he never used to. We have two small children. He gets home from work, eats dinner…gets very clearly annoyed when I talk to him too much but would never ACTUALLY say it. When I cry in front of him about how I’m struggling in our relationship because the problem has never been my lack of love for him, I adore him…he gets annoyed tells me that nothing wrong, and he doesn’t want to talk about why I’m upset. Then other times, he’ll come home from work in a good mood and tells me he loves me, etc… but it’s so inconsistent, and most of the time, he acts as i bother him. I don’t know if this is just how relationships get or what…sometimes I’m afraid he wants to leave but will never have the balls.


I am sorry love. You are beautiful <3

It’s sounds like depression and he needs to seek some medical help:/ I’m sorry that’s rough


Your over thinking, he dosent have to be lovvy dovvy every single day.


Been with my hubby for almost 22 years. This is normal behavior with small children. Take it day by day. Don’t over analyze him. Guys are more simple than us women think (from experience).


My husband does the same except he’s never communicated except when dating, never compliments me, and literally says he doesn’t care when I cry. I feel you


You know that it isn’t really his decision to make, right? You are intelligent, beautiful, and kind based on this post. YOU CHOOSE what is best for you. If you love him and you are unhappy, you make the choice. You don’t have to wait around for him to choose to stay or go.


Same hes always downing me for something

Compliment him. Tell him thank you. Even if it’s just hey thank you for being in my life or thank you for hanging up your towel after you took a shower.
I don’t know your religious views, but if you don’t mind some talk about praying and God I highly suggest looking up naked marriage with Dave and Ashley Willis.


If you feel like this majority of the time then I would up and leave for a bit. If nothing gets even the slightest bit better leave for good

If he isn’t even willing to talk about the issues in the relationship why stay with him? He obviously doesn’t care enough to understand why’re you’re hurting, or try to make you happy. It’s normal to have bad days in a relationship. It’s not normal or ok what he’s doing. Be with someone who cares how they make you feel. You should never have to beg someone who supposedly loves you to show they love you.

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Is he the only one working? He might be experiencing burn out and depression. Men go through this a lot but hardly know how to communicate it.


I know how that feels. I’m sorry :cry:

Is his job stressful or does he not enjoy it? A lot of times my fiancé comes home from work and just takes his frustrations out on me and he doesn’t even realize it.


I feel this 100%. Idk the answer

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Seems like a situation that my moms is going threw and at this point we already know what was my moms husband problem! He was cheating on her for very long time , also he’s left the other women and stayed with my mom but still hasn’t chance he still cold ass hell with her never compliments her he’s just not interested in my mom nomore only there for they’re kids they have

Mine started doing that it turned out he was cheating


Your not overthinking clearly hes acting like he dont care like who the hell wants to be with someone who gets irritated everytime you try to communicate even if its after work like damn bro

My ex did all these things. He was sleeping with a co-worker n was an alcoholic porn addict.

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The fact you feel that he doesn’t have the balls to leave you…sounds like part of the problem. Also talking at him isn’t going to help you. Ladies…8 out of 10 men will tell you they would rather be/feel respected than be told/feel like they are loved. Us women are the exact opposite…but for us part of us feeling love is apart of being respected. If I was him…I wouldn’t feel respected AT ALL based on the last sentence of this. I’m sorry you feel hurt BUT what you’re doing ain’t working.