My husband never gets me gifts: Advice?

My husband never gets me anything for holidays or birthdays. Am I selfish to feel upset about it? I never tell him how it makes me feel, but on the inside, it kind of depresses me. It’s not like we do not have the money. He shops for Christmas for his parents, but he never gets me anything. Thoughts?


Perhaps you should start by telling him how you feel about it. He cant do anything about it if he doesn’t know it upsets you. Communication is key in relationships.


Talk to him before Christmas. Tell him you’re often hurt or disappointed. Also don’t just build things up. Talk. You’re married. :heart:

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Tell him. If he still doesn’t get you anything, there are larger problems.

Maybe how he was raised?

I’d start telling him “ I want this for Christmas”

Start by asking him why and telling him how you feel. If it doesn’t change then stop buying him things for special occasions.


You should tell him… communication is the key to a successful marriage. God first of course :hugs:


Do you get him stuff?

Do you get him gifts?

My husband always makes me think were to broke then surprises me with something crazy good. The only thing you can do OP s communicate though

Theres got to be more to the story than just “he doesn’t get you anything…” that’s strange.


Love is not gifts :woman_shrugging:t4: I don’t get my husband anything and he doesn’t get me anything. I don’t feel as if I am missing out


My husband hardly ever gets me anything either

if he doesn’t know it bothers you then… how would he… know?

I buy what I want and say this is for Christmas or my Birthday ,Ect .from you :rofl::joy::tipping_hand_woman:t2:

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WELL go out and buy yourself a few nice things wrap them up and put them from him then so oh thank you just what I wanted if that doesn’t wake him up nothing will and make sure you buy really really nice things


You shouldn’t have to even ask, but I would ask him Why do you ever buy me anything?

Tell him you would like to exchange gifts for christmas.

Buy your own stuff that way you get exactly what you want.