My husband never wants to be intimate: Thoughts?

I am your average female… stay-at-home mom all the same duties… laundry, lunches, dishes, cleaning… picking everybody in the house. I have my mother and father living with us as well as my husband mother and father. As well as our little boy. It’s a full house. At the end of the day, I crave the attention of my husband, mostly ready to go (fully shaven, lingerie or matching panties and bra), and I get nothing… zilch. He has a mentally stressful job. He respects me. Often helps we supper and dishes. And our conversation is always there, and communication is great on paper, virtually PERFECT. I JUST NEED TO GET LAID. My situation is often different from friends or relatives, where it’s usually the men clawing at them, and they’re too tired. In this household, it’s the other way around. I just need to be satisfied every day. I’m wearing out batteries here. Any other mama’s feel the same or am I just a rare breed. Please help.


Yep. I completely understand. I’ll join the rare breed club with you.


Hmm is he cheating or watching porn satisfying himself?


He needs to see a doctor or a therapist.

Me too. They did hormone tests and no help.

Maybe it’s just stresses of life and a down and out rut in life. I have been there myself, and had to figure out what in the heck was wrong with me. Have you tried talking to him about it? Maybe he is battling some personal issues and is embarrassed to say anything. I would go to him, and see if you can communicate lovingly and gently to see if he tells you what’s up. If he declares a problem, set him up a doctor appointment…whether it is a physical issue, or a depression issue

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Maybe he can’t get in the mood with both of your parents living there.


That seems odd to me. For me it’s definitely the other way around. Has it always been that way or is this a recent occurrence? I assume y’all have been together for awhile with all of the information you have provided. If it is recent mabye see if he has any fantasies or something that you can try to spice it up? Life is stressful and being physical is not supposed to add to stress but take some of it away. So to say no because of stress seems odd. Also, mabye it would help for both of y’all to talk to someone about it? Simply because when being physical leaves the relationship it’s usually a warning sign.

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Rare breed member here 🙋🙋🙋

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Testosterone level might be low. Also, the stress of both parents living with you… usually men who are stressed have a low libido… try to flirt thru the day via text messages, and compliment him at home, give him reassurance. Also, if both sets of parents are at home, plan a date night, get a hotel room for the night. Also, have you talked to him and expressed your concerns?

Don’t wait for him to make the move, you make the move.


I’m in a similar boat. But it’s just really stressful for us both. I say just push him on the bed and have your way.


He doesn’t have to be cheating and it doesn’t even have to be medical.
He could be asexual.
I feel like a lot of people never want to admit that some people don’t need sex nor crave it.


Another member right here!! :raising_hand_woman:

I’m just curious with all the people living in the house where you find the time and privacy to wear out batteries? :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m the same way! I just have toys and help myself when he isn’t feeling up to it🤷‍♀️ it works for us.

I’ve had two relationships like this :frowning: I cried so much and felt disgusting. The men didn’t care. They didn’t see that anything was wrong and thought that because they don’t feel like it, I should just deal with it. They both refused to do anything to help. You’re definitely not alone.

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Is he currently or a recovering addict? Drugs past or present definitely cause this issue especially opioids

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Or a toy for you both to spice things up and be super open about what you guys like and want sexually

Some of yall are ridiculous. Good luck lady.

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Hotel night, wine & some good ol cialis!

Fire in the bush with food and a comfy blanket & cialis?

Hope you figure it out! :heart: