My husband refuses to get a job: Advice?

I am a working mom I work six days a week my husband refuses to get a job he says it hurts him to work my kids tell people that I am never home and its kids true because I am the sole support for my family my husband and me have been having issues in our marriage because of the work time he says he never gets any time with me, but when I am home he leaves or has his friends over we only have intimate times 1 or 2 times a month he says it’s because of his ex, but we have been together for seven years


Leave. His. Sorry. Ass.


Hun, you know the answer. He is using you for the convenience you provide. Look after you & the kids instead & kick his sorry ass out


It’s time for a divorce!


What does his ex have to do with sex? He still sleeping with her?


He needs to get into therapy.
If he refuses to do that… kick him out


Oh no honey. If he’s not willing to bring anything to the tables and he needs to get up from the table. Do not let him do this. For what you allow will not only continue but get worse.


How many kids you got? Cuz it looks like you taking care of one more

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He’d be hurt, hungry & homeless.
What you asking for advice for, this shit is simple


Let his sorry ass go. Send him back to his ex ok that so bullshit

And your still with him WHY? You don’t even need to make a pro and con list. He’s a loser sorry not sorry. You can do bad all by yourself girl. Kick him to the curb immediately


Using you. Boot him to the curb.

Does he take care of the house and the kids and the chores ?


Do you use him to babysit the kids? Because I see no reason why you’re asking this question… Smh

Easy answer. Leave his lazy ass!

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Kick his lazy, ungrateful ass out.


When my dad was bad on drugs, he use to do the same.
The best thing that happened to them was divorce & my dad’s been clean for almost half a year now. My mom feels exhausted but more fulfilled since she only has to care for her almost 3 year old son (my brother).
If you guys can’t communicate and he still refuses to do anything to help things be better for you - it’s time to separate and force him to help through the court system.

Was he any better 6.5 years ago? Or even 7.5 years ago? If not why did you marry him? What’s his ex gotta do with all this? Reread what your wrote and then answer the question as if your sister/best friend/daughter wrote it. He’s no man he’s a child so he doesn’t need intimacy

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it wasnt his ex when he was having sex, making the kids. he wants you to mother him. send him back to his mama

Seems like you carry some dead weight.

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