My husband said we needed to separate, then had a new girlfriend a week later: Advice?

I need to vent and see what others think. After 2 1/2 years of marriage and almost three years together, my husband asked to separate saying we would be better friends the together I’m 4 months pregnant with our second child. Now our marriage wasn’t great because we lacked communication, but I’m willing to go to counseling he claims to love me still and said he will always be there for me. But not even a week after our separation, he has a girlfriend. Just I fucked up while we were married, and I was going through Postpartum depression at the same time he was drinking heavily and doing drugs I felt he was pushing me away is a real asshole. I had a male friend that I talked to about all this, and he was there for me. I never slept with him, just an open ear when my husband was a dick. My husband saw it differently and texted his mom about how he was gonna buy a truck and take my kids away, saying I was a no-good bitch. I seen those messages and only felt worse. Things got better for a few months when he left then left the state to start a new life for the kids and us. Well, that fell apart, and he ended up back here, and he went off the deep end, attempting suicide. I saved him from that, and now three months on, he said I drove him crazy, and he wanted to do the drugs because of me. I know he is exaggerating, thinking it will make the process easier. I think we should work on our issues instead of just running from them as we made a vow after all for better or worse am I crazy in thinking that’s the right thing to do? I can’t even think about him touching another woman and telling her he loves her or my kids calling her mom. It makes me ill if I think about talking to another man that way I’m flooded with thoughts of the last three years, and I’m repulsed by the thought of another man’s touch.


Seriously! File for Divorce ASAP & don’t look back


It sounds to me the marriage has went toxic…sorry. Been there, done that. He may love you, but is he in love? THere is a difference. Dont waste your time…sorry.


This is the definition of a toxic relationship


You are worth so much more than all of this. So are your children.


Sounds very toxic. Both ends. You’ll never understand how much better off you both will be until you walk away.


I know this one all to well.

I am going through this myself.

Just started this 3 wks ago


He just didnt get a girlfriend a week later. She’s been there the whole time. Can’t save someone who doesn’t want saving. Truth of the matter he’s had someone and finally got the courage up to leave. It’s over sweetie .


Postpartum is hard and the jerk should have stuck by you during that. He probably had the girlfriend way before your breakup and you should never confide in another man… period!! You both could start over, if you both are willing. It’s a lot of work but having a family is so worth it.

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My story is a little different

I’m going through a similar thing, only him taking our son was an action not a threat. I think things are over and you have to accept it. That’s not your best friend anymore, he’s someone you have to negotiate with in court. You can do this. Good luck and God bless.

Sounds familiar except I wasn’t married thankfully… Move on… it’s toxic he’s very disrespectful and he doesn’t care about your feelings. You deserve better and your kids deserve to see a man loving you correctly. Just remember karma’s a bitch. He will need you before you need him. Just stay strong and do not allow him to interrupt your peace afterwards.


Seriously I have no idea why either of you thought it was a good idea to bring kids into that sham of a relationship. He’s putting you on hold to see how things pan out with his new girlfriend. Divorce him and concentrate on you and your kids.


Sounds like the Marriage has always been Toxic, You’re better off without him Just focus on you & you’re kid’s

Just understand this is a bad relationship and move on be happy your children need you now to step up . A happy environment is the best place to raise children learn to co parent well and that is it .


Girl let it go
That woman has been in the picture probably the whole time
Him using drugs & all the other crazy stuff blaming you is what a Narcissist does
You have babies to take care of so both of y’all can’t be fucked up. Consider the divorce as a blessing in disguise, this is the clean break away you’ll be hoping for should you insist on staying with this man
Wishing you & your babies the best. You can do this with God’s help


So sorry but he was not your person . it sucks now but you will someday be thankful you moved on . always onward and upward never back peddle …ever


Hes probably narcissistic… that’s what happened to my marriage get yourself into counseling and a support group… divorce is ugly.

Get a boyfriend, big, handsome, kind, rich.


Girl count your blessings and run.