My Husband Texts Another Woman Throughout the Day: Advice?


"Anyone else’s significant other spend all day every day literally texting another woman?

They talk about our relationship, hers, and I don’t know what else. He stops talking to me when she texts him, even when we’re in the middle of a conversation.

It makes me mad that he drops me like that. I guess she used to be someone he pursued romantically, and he recently gave her his number."

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“Um, what… I’m sorry but why are you still with him? Men don’t just text women like that and divulge their lives… that’s an entanglement right there.”

“Look up the phrase ‘emotional affair’ and see if it fits what he is doing. Affairs don’t have to be physical to damage a marriage.”

“Disrespectful, inappropriate, unacceptable. He should have the respect for you to not do that.”

“He’s seeing how much he can get away with in front of you… so later he can feel like he isn’t doing anything wrong if “you really knew about it the whole time” Been there, done this! Wasted 5 years of my life. Almost lost everything!”

“My husband and I are working past this right now. We are in counseling for his addiction to other women. It’s difficult, but unless he is willing to put in the work, nothing will help. We have dealt with it for years. It took me kicking him out, making him tell the kids why he was leaving and coming clean with the woman’s husband to get there. Just please don’t make the mistake I did and think it was anything you did or didn’t do!!!”

“Instead of asking this group what you should do about your significant others unfaithfulness and blatant disregard for you and your feelings… you should be asking yourself why you’re still there.”

“Yeah, that is not ok. Definitely a red flag. I’d ask him to stop communicating with her and if he’s not willing to cut contact with her, I’d suggest taking a hard look at your relationship and if it’s a healthy one for you to be in.”

“How many more signs do you need? I’m not one to always jump and say someone is cheating. But hun, this is pretty obvious.”

“He would drop you in a heartbeat for this other girl as he proves while he ignores you for her… even though you’re standing right in front of him. You are less of a priority than this other person in his life or else he wouldn’t disrespect you that way. There’s a strong chance they are already cheating too, just saying.”

“I have s ton of male friends, and some are married. I MAKE IT A POINT to be the wife’s friend! And even have a group chat. Why I never want any to feel uncomfortable. I make clear boundaries. I would not be happy with my husband talking to a female without me knowing who she is. The wife comes first ALWAYS!”

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Why would you even tolerate this tell him to block her or he must leave !!


He needs to stop now. That’s so disrespectful and inappropriate.


Don’t be tolerating that crap at all. My man would be straight out on his ass!

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Disrespectful, inappropriate, unacceptable. He should have the respect for you to not do that.


Definitely not ok if he’s texting another female he has no respect for you or his marriage and if he’s dropping you for someone else either something happened or something is about to happen he’s straight cheating just by texting and more is about to go down I’d be getting on that mf just saying


Nooo not okay! :pleading_face: I’m going through something similar. It’s disrespectful, unacceptable, and not appropriate. However I understand it being difficult to let go if he’s unwilling to change.

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Oh hell no. I’d tell him to pack his shit :woman_shrugging:t2:

As someone that went through it… dont tolerate it… if he cant be open with you about it fully and Include you then bye… it was another woman a few times…

Smack him right upside the head :boom:


This never ends up well. Confront him now & if he doesn’t respect you enough to stop talking to her or understand why you’re not okay with it, then move on. You deserve better!


That’s disrespectful!

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Hhhhhheeeeeelllllllllllll no. I would castrate my husband if he did this. No no no no


Do It Back And I Bet You He’ll Feel It


So my thought is: why aren’t you discussing this with him? You’re both adults, I’d assume. So you should be sitting down like adults and airing out your thoughts, feelings, and needs. Let him talk to. Maybe there’s a reason for his behavior. Then seek marriage counseling if you decide to stay together. Otherwise, walk away.

There is a difference between having a friend of the opposite sex and talking to someone of the opposite sex. My best friend is man and my mans bestfriend is a female. We don’t keep up with eachothers conversations and respect eachothers privacy. But that doesn’t sound like a best friend, sounds like he might be getting interested

Hes emotionally cheating on u…I’ve been in your shoes… then it turned into romantically cheating


He’s trash dude. Take that shit to the road man.

Ignoring you or ending conversations with you is the only problem I see. Our significant others do not belong to us and are allowed friends of their own of either sex. Before anyone gets on me, I’m bi so does that mean I can’t have any friends? Just talk to him. Communicate, make sure the trust is still there.


Nooope especially since he tried pursuing a relationship with her at one point