My husband thinks I am coddling our son: Advice?

My son is two, and he likes me to lay with him at night until he falls asleep. We do not let him sleep in our bed, but I do lay in his bed. My husband does not like that I do this and says I’m coddling him. My initial stance on the issue was I didn’t want to have to lay with him until he fell asleep, but I was doing it for my own sanity, and I didn’t want to pick another fight with my son after a long day, but now I enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. We lay there quietly, and I just get to cuddle with him and just enjoy him for a little bit before he falls asleep. I can see it from my husband’s side but would like to hear some suggestions or other points of view on the matter.


They are only little once. Providing comfort is not coddling lol he is 2 years old.


Thier only little once. Here soon he wont want to cuddle at all. I do the same for my 2 year old. For fuck sake thier still little. If he wants cuddles for bed then let him have them. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I don’t think you’re coddling him at all. He’s 2, he wants mama cuddles. Most couples don’t go to sleep alone. We like for our SO to cuddle with us when we go to sleep because it’s comforting. Besides, one day he’ll be a big boy and may not be so open to quiet time with mama! You’re doing great :heart:

Mama, you’re fine. Your son probably looks forward to his quiet time with mama, too.

if you don’t have any dramatic issues with him falling asleep with you laying with him, then what would the problem be? some kids just want more affection than others. my daughter never cared, but my son needs cuddles. and putting them to bed at that age without cuddling after they are used to it is soooo hard and will deff keep BOTH of you up all night, so if he has such a problem with it, have him put him to bed, and everytime he gets up and walks into yall’s room (every two minutes) then your husband can take care of it lol. let him see you aint doin it for your health xD

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I feel like your husband is jealous, tell him to grow up. Little boys need momma’s love more than anything else

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Your husband may have the old school way of thinking meaning let him cry it out til he falls asleep or he’s a boy and you’re making him “soft,” however, establishing a routine that comforts your son, makes him feel safe and allows you to be with him and establish a bond of trust with him that will teach him how and when to fall asleep is not coddling… it’s called PARENTING with LOVE…

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Hes just a little boy. He needs that time, too, mama.

No one will ever convince me that a mother’s love and affection is a bad thing.
No one committed murders because their mother cuddled them too much as a child.
However, the lack of love and affection (a basic human need) can be detrimental.
Love your babies. He won’t want or need your cuddles to fall asleep forever.


My daughter is four and still likes one of us to lay be side her while she falls asleep.

I cuddle with my 2 year :woman_shrugging:

My son is 4 and we still lay with him everynight we take turns reading to him and snuggling before bed. My husband used to be that way but not that my guy some nights wants daddy to do bed hubby loves it. Usually daddy is fun wrestling with him so hubby loves when he gets cuddles instead of punches lol

Love this :heart: they grow so fast that’s a special bonding moment dont let anyone tell u not to !

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Its not coddling. His two. I lay with my daughter who is nearly four, read her a story and sing a song. Then just cuddle.

Every child, every parent is different . You see things different than your husband does, the only thing you need to do is to talk it over with your husband so your on the same page communication is key. I would sit down with your husband and talk over why you like to do this and that you would like his support. They are only going to let you hold them for so long. My youngest will be 4 in April and she’s not super snuggly any more and I miss it. Time goes by too quick to let love slide through your fingers

Tell your husband they’re only young once. Keep doing what you’re doing. Enjoy your baby.


There only little once


My daughter is 9 I still cuddle with her most nights. I also have a 7 month old . I rock him to sleep every night too

Nothing wrong with it !
Enjoy it while you can .

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I cuddle my 7yo who cares what hubby says