My husband thinks I should keep breastfeeding: Advice?

I just had my second son third baby last month and I was not producing enough milk to keep breastfeeding! however my husband says I need to keep breastfeeding all the time no formula! how do I get him to agree with me that it’s for the best since I am not producing enough milk?


Have him pull his titty out and try

Talk to a specialist. Remember you can pump milk and give baby formula/breastmilk at the same time.

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It’s your body and your boobs Hunny He should be supporting your decision either way, also Happy Mumma = Happy Baby xxx


Tell him until he can breast feed baby, maybe he should stop pushing and do some research… what he is doing can really mess with your head


It’s not his decision whether or not you breastfeed. If the baby is fed and happy that’s all that matters.


Tell him that its your body, your choice.

Your body, your decision. Formula, breast or donated milk they are all great but I think the best option is if baby is happy and full then that’s what’s best. I think your husband needs to understand that sometimes women just can’t produce enough milk and it’s nothing you’re doing wrong!


You tell him you’re done and that’s it. It takes amount out of you mentally and mommy needs to be mentally healthy too to be a good momma.

I would tell him to piss off however maybe get your midwife or doctor to explain what’s happening I went thru this with all of my kids with my first he started to drop weight that’s when I made the decision to put him on formula my hubby wanted me to keep breastfeeding too but the reality was our baby was starving and I’d rather have a happy fed baby on formula then a screaming hungry baby on breast

What makes you think you aren’t producing enough? The best way to tell is by diaper count 4-6 every 24 hours

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Fed is best. If you can not produce enough milk it isn’t an option to do breast milk only. Discuss it with the dr with him present.


Formula has just as much or even more nutrients and is completely safe and delicious for your baby ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Um it doesn’t matter if he aggres with you or not. He sure as hell isn’t the one doing it.


It’s absolutely not his decision. My ppd was so relieved when I dried out and had to give formula. I didn’t have to get up at night to pump and he didn’t have to wait to be fed. Your husband needs to either learn to breastfeed or support your decision with your body.

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Please tell him the health of your son is more important than his opinion…ask if he would like to cut his calorie intake as thats what hes asking his son to do…get help and remember a mothers instinct is there for a very good reason…please listen to it x


Talk to a lactation consultant and find out if it’s really your supply or not and have him go with you! If you’re really wanting to quit know why. No need to feel guilty but be honest with yourself so you don’t regret your choice.


Tell him when he starts producing breastmilk the baby will be breastfed only. Until then formula supplementation is necessary. (FYI it can be done, but he’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices)


He doesn’t have breasts so :woman_shrugging:t2:. You do what’s best for you and those babies.

I would tell him to go f*ck himself, it’s your body not his! What an asshat.