My husband thinks our son has ADHD but I think his behavior is normal: Thoughts?

Hi, please post anonymously. My son is just over two years old. I think his behavior is perfectly normal, but his father doesn’t and has gone as far as to suggest he has ADHD or that “something isn’t right with him.” So I’d like other mommy input. Our son likes to climb on furniture, ruff houses with his dad by standing on furniture and jumping onto his dad repeatedly. His dad says stop but laughs, so our son sees it as a game, I told his dad you couldn’t laugh if you want him to stop. We’ve repeatedly tried to get him to stop throwing food on the floor, and when you tell him no, he does it faster to try to get more on the floor before you can stop him. I feel this is normal testing of the boundaries. He likes to run back and forth roaring like a lion and does risky things like trying to dive off the couch, but again I feel like he’s two, and this is part of him growing and learning, and I think his father expects too much of him. We do discipline (I do a 2 minute or less timeout) Because I always heard a timeout should match their age, and I don’t think he will remember why he’s in time out after 2 minutes.


That’s normal toddler behavior and a lot of drs in my area won’t even diagnose a child with adhd until they are 6 .


Sounds like a typical 2 yr old boy to me. Try to take all the red and yellow food dye from his diet. That may help the food dyes really wound my boys up.

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Sounds a little more rambunctious than my two boys, but I wouldn’t jump straight to ADHD yet.

Super normal my 2 yo does the same thing.

All that sounds like normal 2 year old behavior. My son is 2 and constantly pretends to be a dinosaur or cat or dog. He’s still learning, so I say nothing to worry about.

Dont worry about it til hes older…my son is exactly like this. Developmentally “normal” but very, very extra. The term our doctor used was “sensory-seeking” Google that and feel at ease :sweat_smile: some grow out of it and some dont, but they wont “diagnose” anything til elementary school age anyway. Behavioral Therapy helped us immensely!

My almost 2 year old son does the same thing.

I think your doing everything right and I beleive it’s just a normal child’s behavior. Especially for a little BOY. They are monsters and full of energy!! Mine is the exact same way and hes 5. 2 is way to young to diagnose anything like that anyway.

That sounds normal to me. But I have dare devils for kids. My youngest was climbing her brother bunk bed before she walked.

Thats just a two year old boy. There is nothing wrong with him

Sounds like your everyday toddler.

Coming from a mom with 3 boys and 1 has adhd. Thats normal 2 year old boy behavior. If he didnt do that i would be worried

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Totally normal 3 year old boy and 1.5 year old boy :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

For a two year old this is totally normal. Even at 3

Moral for a two year old boy

All two year olds will behave differently. I wouldn’t worry about it until he is school age and it’s something that effects his ability to learn or disrupts other children’s learning. Sounds like he’s just a lil bada$$ :rofl:

Wow sounds just like our 2 yr old girl… very normal

Sounds normal to me both my boys did all those things. My youngest is three oldest is five

Seems pretty normal, but what is his diet like? High sugar or additives in processed foods could be the cause of hyperactivity and behavioral problems.