My husband threatens to take our child all the time: What rights does he have?

I am married with a child. The child was born before we were married. I was told that since the child was born before we were married, dad still has limited rights. We are not doing so good and fighting A LOT! He is constantly threatening divorce and to take our child. Is there any truth to him not having rights without going to court? Yes, he is on the birth certificate. We live in Ohio. I am a SAHM, and he throws it up in my face he will get the child because I have no job. Yet he doesn’t want me to work because I’ll have to work opposite shift of him and we won’t have time together. Then he complains because I’m not working. I can’t win with him!! Thank you for any advice!!!

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You can usually get legal advice for free so maybe look for a lawyer and get a free consultation. In many cases though they give the guardianship to the mother. They make do joint but I believe they will still want to see that you are working. But do you think is just just threatening to keep you where he wants you? He may not actually try anything. It would be more costly for him to fight for full custody.