My husband told me he wasn't getting me anything for Mothers Day because I am not his mother: Thoughts?

What would you think if your husband says he’s not getting you anything for Mother’s Day because “you’re not his mother”? My husband told me that when I mention wanting a hammock for Mother’s Day. Keep in mind my son is 5. His son (who calls me mama since I’ve been in his life since he was five months old) is three, and we have two daughters together who are 1 and 3 months.


I’m sorry. Did he do anything for you in the past?

My husband never gets me anything. If l want something l buy it. He is cooking me supper.

My ex told me that when I was pregnant with our first. I reminded him that 1. I was the mother of his child and 2. He had a birthday and Father’s day both coming up in a few weeks. Choose wisely.


That’s hurtful, I guess of he really doesn’t get you anything. Don’t buy him a father’s day gift or make him his favorite dinner. Childish but he’ll get the point!


My husband says the same


So don’t get him anything for father’s day.


My husband always gets me something. He does small stuff all year just to show how much he appreciates me and everything i do for him and our 9 kids.

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Then tell him to have his mother take care of him from here on out.


Do you get him things for Fathers Day ? If he expects it on his day , then I would think he could get you something on Mothers Day . Doesn’t have to be big . Just a little something from the kids would be nice :heart:


My boyfriend takes my son for the last 6 mothers day we have been together and gets me something from him and then from him my son is not his… We don’t have a kid together… Idk how i would feel… I guess i wouldn’t do shit for him on fathers day 💁

Then don’t get him anything for Father’s Day because hes not your father. But definitely go out and buy that hammock you want for yourself. It’s Mother’s Day and you deserve it, go get it.


See I’m petty, I would stop doing ANYTHING for him around the house like his laundry or cooking him dinner. And when he gets upset you can say “I’m not your mother” :slightly_smiling_face:


Ugh. He’s rude. How would he feel if you don’t get him anything for Father’s Day


My husband gets me a mother’s day gift and our only “child” is a furbaby


Rude & a jerk!
But yourself the hammock!!
And remember Father’s Day in June.


My fiancee thought like that before we had our daughter, but I explained to him how I would love to do this tradition for our family and I would like him to do atleast cards every year until our daughter could do them herself. I also said I would do the same for him for Father’s Day. His attitude changed when he realised how I felt about it, and hes really into it now, this will be my second mothers day and hes gone all out (imo) by getting a couple of gifts and a card from our daughter

You are the mother of his children. Your kids cannot go buy something for you by themselves. Take your kiddos out to buy a gift for you and help them bag it up for Mother’s Day. Make sure one of the gifts is a hammock. Since it was so sweet of your kids to buy a hammock, your husband will need to help them put it up! :joy:


My husband says the thing. I don’t buy him anything for Father’s Day.

My husband gets me a card every year and then sometimes he’ll throw in candy and flowers. I would honestly let him know that it hurts your feelings and I would be like some of the other ladies and not get him anything for Father’s Day if he’s going to act like that.