My husband treats my son differently and he notices: Advice?

I and my husband of almost seven years met when my son was 1 yr old. He was good to my son up until he was about 5 when our daughter was born. I am very observant and started to notice he would treat my son differently than our daughter (ignoring him, no longer playful, making faces, getting upset almost if I bought i something.) I ignored it for a while; then, it started getting worse (never physical.) I finally confronted him, but he kept denying it and brushed it off. Until this day, he always contradicts me when it comes to my son and if my daughter wants soda for example and he gives her some, my son (like any other kid) asks if he can get some too , he’ll say no. I asked him why not and he’ll shake his head and not say anything (like if I was offending him) We’ve gotten into arguments over how he treats him but he makes me feel like I’m overreacting. Advice? (PS my son’s father passed away when he was little) he’s really attached to our daughter; giving in to everything she wants, being extra cuddly and loveable with her … never my son and at times he’ll ask me if my husband loves him


Dude needs to go then


That’s weird if you ask me.

Fuck that. I’d divorce him.

Wow. He sucks. Buh bye.

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That’s shitty. Get rid of him.

That’s messed up. Tell him bye.


It’s time to put your foot up his ass I would beat the shit out of him

Put your foot down! Or tell him goodbye. Not fair to your son at all.


He needs to go man, fuck that.

Bye husband. Kids first over everything and anything


Screw him, your son comes first and this will mess him up for the rest of his life


This doesn’t sound good


That’s abusive. Get out of there


Been there. It only gets worse. To this day my daughter wonders why she wasn’t loved. I eventually got out. We are all much better off.

Bye husband😑 Youbknow its wrong by asking the question, you and your babies deserve better xx

Marriage counseling and if that doesn’t help then “buh bye :wave:


He needs to go! No one would treat my daughter differently than another child.


My son was treated the same way by my ex husband. We met when my son was one and he raised him until he was eight. He never treated him equally after the first 2 years. I made countless attempts at fixing the situation to no avail. I eventually divorced him. I hope you can get this worked out bc o know how hard it is to look in your child’s eyes and not be able to give a reason why they aren’t loved the same. My son is 11 now and has a lot of issues bc of his lack of a father figure. Good luck.

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Man screw that bs no kid should have to go through that i hope you tell your husband to fuck off and give him soda too