My husband wants me to quit my job because of his: Advice?

I need advice! I just started my job two months ago I just found out from him and his friend having a conversation that he took a traveling job today we have four kids, and he expects me to quit my job and be a stay at home mom since he is going to be making $20 an hour. He doesn’t realize why I’m upset that I was the last to find out instead of us talking about it I just don’t know what to do stay at my job making $14 an hour, so we both have income or just stay home with my youngest two


Sounds like HES jealous

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Try to work hrs that are best for your kids and dont relay on him

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It should be a two way street he should talk to you and now that you know talk to him uhaul is at home job $14 an hour thats something to look into so you dont lose out in yourself i wouls be upset as well

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I would suggest keeping your job too. This day in age 20/hr is not much for a family with 4 children.


He doesn’t consider you his partner, but his slave. $20/hr. is chickenfeed.


Shoot, i have four kids. Id stay home. Lol id kill to be a stay at home mom.

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How can he even support a family of six on only $20 an hour? I don’t see how you can provide for four children without two incomes. He should have discussed the job with you first. You have a right to be upset.


Have a discussion with him. Ask him to find something that doesn’t put so much stress in the family. If he’s un compromising you need to paddle your own canoe


He’s going to work away from home for a few dollars more than what you make and your going to be around for your kids ?? I’d definitely keep your job work hours to suit you if that’s possible…as for your husband you need to talk …good luck


Girl…I would think divorce…


Two incomes are better than one.


Family of 6 you need at least 40 an hour. 20 an hour is nothing special now a day


20 an hour for four kids and a wife isn’t livable, my husband makes 30 an hour and he got a second job, because we weren’t cutting it with the one job, he had to get a second job, I’m disabled, it breaks my heart that I cant help, he should have asked you how you felt about him taking a job that travels.

$20 an hour? To provide for a family of 6? But then if you are both working, and that brings in daycare expenses. Are you more upset that he didn’t talk to you first or the fact that you won’t be working? I’m really confused at this post…


Don’t quit. $20 an hour to take care of a family of 6 doesn’t cut it. Good luck


Doesn’t sound like a partnership to me or he would have talked to u


$20 bucks an hour isnt crap. I have a family of 4. My kiddos r 17, 15, 12. It still isnt enough.

Apart from anything else - he should have spoken to you about it first ,
I have been in that situation .


Wtf nah keep your job. $20 an hour is not enough. And while he’s “traveling” what are you going to be doing? Going crazy at home? I’m not saying to not trust your man but what would you do if he up and leaves after you leave your job? Who is going to take care of you? Keep your job. Do what you want to do. He can’t expect you to make changes based on him just making choices without you. Fuck that…