My husband won't take off work for my sons simple surgery: Am I being dramatic?

My 1-year-old (18 months) is going to have tubes put in his ears in a couple of weeks and his dad doesn’t want to ask for the day of the surgery off because he won’t have any personal days left for the year and thinks I’m overdramatic that I think he should go ahead and ask. Also, because it is a simple surgical procedure. Thoughts please, and I and my son’s dad are together.


I personally would be upset if my husband didn’t take the day to he there with us.


If he only has one day left it makes sense because of an emergency arises… and because hes confident and comfortable with you being there. It makes sense.


There’s like 7 weeks left this year plus I assume he has off thanksgiving and Christmas?

It will take 10 minutes for the surgery it’s pretty simple I’d save the day for an emergency Just my opinion


I’m sure you can handle it on your own…

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He needs To take the day off.

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I can understand why you would want him to be there, but since its a simple surgery, i can understand why he doesnt want to take his last personal day off. What if something worse happens and he cant take the time off for it.? Gotta think about the bigger picture


You’re being dramatic. Save that day for an actual emergency.


Life is life, you won’t always be able to take that day off. You are fully capable of handling it yourself hun


It’s a really short procedure, about 15 minutes. I wouldn’t personally be upset if my husband didn’t take the day off. It’s very short and simple.


Well if he doesn’t have any more days available to take then if he does he’ll most likely not get paid for the time he takes off for this procedure. If you can handle it you should. That’s my opinion and what I’d do. Rolling into winter months with higher bills for heating etc… money is important.


If my husband could get the day off he friggin better. He is currently out of PTO so if he had to work for something like this it’s just the way it is. I’ve had to go to our sons evaluations for autism and such by myself and he has only been able to go to one of my OB appts this pregnancy. So I get not being able to, but if my husband could get off for something like this I would expect him to for sure.

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I agree with dad that you’re being a bit dramatic. The whole family doesn’t need to be at a simple procedure. As long as one of you are there, it’s fine.


Personally it wouldn’t bother me. I stayed in the NICU with our baby and my hubby went back to work. If its not a true emergency I can understand why he wants to save that day. Is he really gonna be needed? For real save that day for a family day lol or a true emergency. Id rather my husband use his only days off for stuff his kids will remember or for something that absolutely says this is a 911 emergency get here.


It’s ok, my son had 2 sets of tubes put in (10 months old & 3 years old & tonsils & Adenoids out at age 4), we both couldn’t take off of work,he makes more money so I took off.


I think it depends how serious the operation is. Tubes I’m guessing grommets is performed hundreds of times a day so he will be fine. I think he’s being sensible as he’s only got one day left.


It’s simple and fast If u don’t want to go alone take a friend or family member with u


I had tubes in my ears many times when younger. I wouldn’t be upset it is simple.

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Tubes are easy, you can handle it. Let him work.