My husbands breath is horrible: How can I tell him?

I love my husband so much, and he really is the most amazing man. That being said, he has the worst breath on the planet. He brushes his teeth once a day, and on days he doesn’t have to work, he sometimes forgets. He is so sensitive though I’m scared of hurting his feelings. But oh my God y’all, it smells like something crawled in his mouth and died. HE IS SO SENSITIVE THOUGH. One morning I asked him to “breathe the other way,” and his feelings got hurt. How do I kindly tell him that he is killing me?! Lol


Have him go to the dentist and let the dentist tell him lol


He probably needs to go to dentist

He probably has periodontal disease

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Ask him if he wants a piece of gum?

Tell him… honestly. It’s a hygienic issue not a personality defect. Tell him it’s for his health. Hes an adult. He should know better.

Just tell him it stinks and say its best to get it checked

Just tell him the truth!


He should mention it to his dr. Could be a underlying condition


Tell him to go to his MD and have them check his throat for tonsil stones.

Same lol I just ask if he wants a piece of gum. If he says no I give him one anyways

Just schedule dentist visits for the whole family.

Does he brush his tongue? Lots of odors are trapped on it? Next, have him ask your dentist, it could be sinus related

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Try this…“babe your breath is unkissable…please help US by getting this addressed.”…my s/o eats so much sugar that yeast forms in his throat (gross I know) and his breath is gagable!

He’s your husband…be honest. You can tell him in a way that isn’t meant to be outright hurtful. It’s all in how you say it

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Take him to the dentist? But blind fold him and pretend ur going on a date and them BAM! DENTIST


Tell him his breath stinks… when my husbands breath stinks I tell his ass to go brush! Lol it’s part of being in a relationship you tell them when they stink…

Suggest he go to the dentist, he probably has gum disease.


Tonsil stones
Periodontal disease
Rotten tooth
Built up plaque

Tell him you made dentist appts for both of you guys (do that as well) go together
When making appt gove a heads up


He’s a grown man tell him he stinks and there’ll be no kissy kissy till it’s fixed.

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