My husbands brother owes us money: Advice?

Hubby and I have been together for four years. We have three kids together (2 of them are my bonus children) with another on the way. We share money and do pretty good financially, but with us expanding our family, I have been trying to be more money-conscious so we can save more with having a larger family. We have a phone plan that includes his mom, his brother, and his brother’s significant other. His brother has been not good about paying us monthly for their portion of the phone bill and has even borrowed money for us while he was jobless for a year. He told us that he would pay us back for all that he owes us (almost 9000). He just started a new job four months ago and has yet been able to pay us back for his debt, let alone his part of the phone bill. I don’t want to be cold, especially since they have a baby on the way but getting tired of feeling like we are being used for our money. I also don’t think his significant other is aware of how much he owes us since his SO has only been on our phone plan for about a year. How you handle this situation?


Take him off the plan. He’s had more than enough time to make it right.

Take them off the phone plan, if they have a baby on the way they should beable to pay for their own phone bills


Confront him like adults would probably be your best option. Get it in writing the plan you make and if he doesn’t keep to the agreement take him to court. That’s alot of money.

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Money tears families apart… never lend money unless you’re okay with never seeing it again, because even if it’s supposed to be a loan, it may never be repaid. Take them off the phone plan, or suspend their lines until they pay their part


Wipe the slate clean in 2020; while that’s a lot of money to owe someone he’s family and it’s surely not worth ruining a relationship over. Cut him off financially and from your phone plan and wish them well on their new independent lives as a fully functioning family unit of their own.


He’s a grown up. Take him off of your plan.


take them off the phone plan. be like yo the free contract is up and count your losses. you will never see the money back.


Tell pay up or you’re going to take him off the plan . By not asking him to pay ,is making him think it’s ok


Shut his and her phone off

Take him off the plan or/and ask him for a small amount on every pay to be able to pay.

I would have a serious conversation with them. Within 30 days you need to start paying your phone bill or we will be disconnecting those lines. Also he needs to start making payment on the loan say 100 a month to start. Times are tough for everyone but that’s not an excuse to not pay back family. In my experience if you let me use you they will continue to do so.


Advice is don’t give money to family and expect it back.


Cut them off. Dont worry about feelings buisness is buisness.

I would take him and his SO off the phone plan and I wouldn’t loan them money again. I wouldn’t count on getting that 9k back either.


Take him off the plan and learn to say NO


He Probably wants to pay you and just cant.

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We have a family policy about “lending” money to others. We don’t lend, we give. If they ask and the amount is more than we can manage or agree too, we don’t give it. We’d never expect repayment, maybe just help if the tables were turned.

That being said, since it’s such a large amount and you need it, ask him about paying you back in installments he can afford. Also, get him off your phone plan. He and his partner can get their own plan. Maybe give them 2 months or so to make the necessary arrangements.


Take him n his girl off the phone plan don’t give no money when he ain’t got a job


If you agree to LEND money make sure you can afford to let that money go.