My husbands cousins want him to go on a guy trip: Thoughts?

A lot of my husband’s male cousins recently linked back up at a family funeral after many of them not seeing each other in a long time. Now they are contemplating on doing a guys trip to Miami next summer. My husband has already said he knows he can’t go cause I do not have it. I’m not overbearing, but I know what I will and will not put up with. My question is, “what exactly are they supposed to do there for damn near a week?” I’ve been to Miami, so with that being said, I only see a group of guys only going to a club, some drinking, or the beach. My husband doesn’t indulge in any of those things since we’ve been married for the past 12 years. These men are 40 plus-year-old men. A few don’t have wives, and I know a few have entanglements while they were married. Family or not, I don’t want my husband in that kind of company. He doesn’t get much at all guy time; he works a lot and is home with me and our girls. I want him to enjoy himself, but I also don’t want him in the company of men with low morals. Advice, please!


It’s up to him to have self control.


Let your husband go lol he is allowed to see family and have friends. He is his own person, you said it yourself hes only working or with you and your kids so let him have fun and be with friends and family for this small trip.


Let him go with his family on the trip you sound very paranoid and if you don’t trust him then you shouldn’t be with him if you do trust him there should not be an issue


If u trust ur husband then what does it matter. If my fiance wanted to go out he would be more than “allowed” to. Sounds like u control him too much smh.


If you trust him it shouldn’t matter. Let him go if he fucks up he has to face you.

You sound too controlling.


Let him go if he wants , enjoy himself if he loves you theres nothing to worry about ! We all need space for ourselves


Girl. Let that man go outside to play.


Did you marry a child? Let that man live :woman_facepalming:t4:


He’s a grown adult, does he need permission? I mean damn

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Why all these other ladies are correct, he is his own person…I completely understand where your coming from. My husband is also a family man, he’s never been around that type of scene. I do trust him, but my anxiety would eat at me the whole time because of all the “what ifs”. And yeah maybe I’m a little paranoid or “controlling” but for the last 11 years my husband and I have been 1. I would want to go, and ask if the other married men can include their wives and have a group getaway.


You have some obvious trust issues that you definitely need to work on correcting. However, I can say from personal experience that this kind of family relationship usually just goes back to the way it was and nobody holds to any of those plans. I wouldn’t worry too much about this even happening, but I definitely recommend working on those insecurities of your own.


He should be able to go on a trip with his cousins. You sound very jealous and are acting like you don’t trust him. If you have a solid marriage it shouldn’t be an issue

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will they all be vaccinated before the trip? If not no one should be going! It doesn’t sound like a good idea anyway. A better idea would be something like on my mom’s side of the family where the guys would do a yearly fishing trip in Canada staying in cabins or camping–while the women would get together and do spa things. Something like that sounds better for a guys get together.


Let your husband live a little, if he’s a smart man he’ll be fine. Seems like your being controlling. Like you said he never goes out so let him have fun


I see that as time to go bond with family. Just because they have done wrong doesn’t mean anything like that will be happening there. They will probably fish and other beach fun. I would be excited for him and researching all the fun stuff they could do. They are 40 something not 100. Plenty of fun left to have.

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That’s his family. Period. Also there is SO much more to Miami than just clubs and fine ass women. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Well let’s put it this way if a woman on here said there husband was being controlling like this the other women would be tell her to leave the man so why is it different when the woman does it to the man


If your husband really has good morals then you would have no reason to not want him to go. You obviously question his morals and don’t trust him

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