My husbands ex basically lives with my MIL: Advice?

How would you all feel if your husband’s baby momma basically lived with your MIL?? She is over there every week and stays several nights. I walked in there today, and she was cooking soup for everyone. I feel like it’s weird as hell, especially when I, my hubby, and daughter go over there, and she’s there.


Weird, but nothing you can do about it.

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Not your house. Suoer weird though lol Maybe shes helping her grandchilds mother. She probably had a good relationship with her.


Is this something new or has it been going on awhile? Doe he have children with her? Maybe shes in a hard place and being that grandma that she is she took them in? We need more info

Well it’s her ( mil) home right she can do as she pleases have over who she pleases she’s an adult
Plus the ex is the mother of his child
Grandma just likes to see in spend time with them n have a good relationship with every one

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I personally wouldn’t be ok with it either and it would be awkward . This is a good one to see everybody’s opinion on it .

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just go with the flow


If they don’t have a kid together then that’s super weird.

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Like it or not she’s part of the family &if your husbands family like her there’s nothing you can do about it.


Nothing you can do about it

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You joined the family. Get used to it!

It’s a little uncomfortable but I’d be glad she still has a good relationship the kid(s) grandmother.


Sounds like they co parent well. That’s what you have the possibility of dealing with when you get with someone who has kids

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Don’t eat that soup! :joy:


Do you and your husband have kids together? Seems like maybe you should try to be open and friendly with the baby mama if she is willing to be open and friendly too. Nothing better than a blended family that can get along for the babies! Sounds like grandma is just trying to help her grandkids mother!


I delt with this exact situation. I wasn’t comfortable with it at first. But after some good talks with my MIL she was mainly doing it to help her grandchild, my step son. I now have a great relationship with my MIL and my step sons mom. She has her own apartment now and they are doing great. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh my god she is the MOTHER OF HIS CHILD. NOT A BABYMOMMA. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Now, weird? Kind of. But she came before you. Her and MIL probably are still close. Get over it. Also, she made soup, not tried to suck your mans dick. Dont like it, dont go over there. Boom. Simple fix.


I go visit my ex husbands mother all the time,I love that woman and just because her son and I didn’t work out doesn’t mean I have to stop caring about her. He even would show up with his new girlfriend and she’d get mad too😂 I was there for his mom not him . It’s called being a adult


Does he have kids w this woman? If so then you’ll probably have to just deal with it…but if hubby has no connection to her in that way I’d have a chat w hubby and mil about how uncomfortable it makes you

How is it weird his ex has her grand child