My husband's ex-wife will not tell us if she has the coronavirus/COVID-19: Advice?

I need help! My husband’s ex-wife was tested for corona but she will not give us the results of her screening. Her son was at my house TODAY!! I have kids and a brother with a serious illness. What are my right?! What should I do?!

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You definitely have the right to know

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I wonder if you could explain the situation to the dr she used… that’s insane!

Is she high conflixt

Don’t let her or anyone from her household in your house if she won’t tell you.


She clearly doesn’t. But regardless what a selfish thing of her.

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Idk how u would go about finding out the results without someone violating HIPAA. I just wouldn’t let her or anyone from her household in ur home. That’s ridiculous.

If she did, the health department would more than likely notify you but just because of that, I would not allow anyone from her household into my household until you know the results.


Just message her saying “Thank you for giving my family Corona.”
See if she denies it or not :slight_smile:


Does she actually have the results? Some are taking up to 2 weeks


Uhh not let the kid in your house?

My ex was tested and told it would be 4 days til results came in

She’s probably trying to get your husband to refuse visits. Crazy times for family law.

Do you think she would let her son go back to your house if she did? You’re adults. Talk it out!

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If she did the health department would contact you. I bet she’s lieing about being tested to stress you out.

When did you find out she was tested. Because as soon as you found out you should not let anyone in your house. For that matter if you have a high risk person in your home. People should not be coming over at ALLL


Keep them out of the house.

It’s your right to keep your family protected.

& if she isn’t willing to tell you guys, then you have to lay down the law that she cannot come to your home, not they’re kids because if she has it, the kids are carrying the virus too.

Just watch and monitor your family. HIPAA is a real thing.


If she refuses to tell u then she has something to hide u have a duty to protect ur family

It’s a crime to knowingly spread it. Just don’t let anyone from that house into your house.