My husbands family doesn't treat my son like a grandchild: Advice?

Need advice. My husband’s family has never treated my son as part of their grandchildren. Now that I am pregnant with my husband’s child, they can’t wait for her to be here and want to do all sorts of things for her. Should I let them? Should they get to spend time with one and not the other. I feel (and my husband does too) that it will be unfair to my son for them to want to be apart of her life so vigorously but not his. What should I do?


It’s not fair they need to start treating your son like family to blood or not love is love and family is family plan and simple


If they cannot treat all of my children with love and respect and kindness, they don’t get to see any of them.


You’re a package deal so they either accept you and your child or they get cut off.


If they won’t accept your son as their grandchild then they do not deserve the right to act like grandparents to this new baby. They have to be fair to both and not just one or the other. Do not let them pick and choose what kid they want to favor. They either love both or they don’t get to love either. Just my way of thinking. It’s just not fair to your son if they do all this stuff for the unborn child and don’t do it for him.


Need to be treated the same. Some people just find it hard to connect with children that are not blood. It took my partners sister ages to accept my daughter was part of the family. Sit down and talk to them. Maybe they don’t even realise they are doing it


No either both or none. They are both your children and deserve the same treatment x


Cut that shit off now. Tell them if they’re not treating your child in fairness, you tell them they better not pull any favoritism shit.

Sit down with them and discuss it.


Your husband needs to speak up


If both aren’t treated the same then no, they will have nothing to do with her.

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No child deserves to be excluded like that…plain and simple.


If they’re not willing to do it for your son then they shouldn’t be doing it for your new baby either. It’s not right nor fair. If you do allow it, your son will probably grow up with a lot of anger and resentment about it


Nope, it’s a package deal. Can’t have one without the other. My brother had a baby, he doesn’t help with that baby, but we stepped in. We’re a part of my nieces life and I’m so grateful to her Mom for allowing us to be there. Since then, she’s had a son with her now husband and she’s pregnant with her third. We include them all. They don’t belong to us, but we make damn sure that they don’t feel left out. We have birthday parties, they all come. We do Christmas, they all get gifts. Those are my nieces brothers and I would never do that to her or them. All or none :purple_heart:

Cut them off now before baby is born. He needs to let them know due to lack of live fir our son we will nit let y’all be a part of our daughter. Walk away

If they can’t treat one child with the same love and attention that they do the other then no they shouldn’t get the chance to. As the kids get older that could really take an emotional toll on your son. It would not be right or fair to either of your children to be made to feel like one is better or more loved than the other.

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i wouldn’t allow them around his child an tell them that’s how my existing child feels if y’all don’t wanna be fair an treat both children with love an affection then you don’t get to see or be around either :woman_shrugging:t3:

No, definitely not. His family is not your blood and you don’t have to accept their toxic behavior. There it goes both ways.
In all seriousness, your son will feel he isn’t as important as his sister and it will hurt him. That is wrong.

Where is his grand parents dont they spend time with him. If so how do you explain that to her. Yes they should have some type if relationship with him.

I agree with you and your husband if they do for one they have to do for both you and your husband need to seat them down and make that very clear to them treating them different will not be tolerated period good luck and both of you be strong

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