My husbands family hates me: What should I do?

What do I do when my husbands family hates me. They’ve never approved of me, and recently, things escalated so much that one of them called me a bitch. I’m thinking of divorce at this point, and even though I love my husband and he’s willing to x them from our lives. I don’t want to continue to blame for him not wanting to spend time with them. We have kids, work lives, and they don’t understand why we can just drop everything for them, so they think it’s my fault.


Just avoid the shit out of them . You married him not them .

Stand by your husband. If he’s willing to X them out for the sake of y’all’s family that says something. Stand by your husband. They’ll come around or y’all will live y’all’s lives without them.


If he is willing to cut his family off, dont leave his side.


My husbands family don’t really care for me either that much I’ve been threatened my his aunt before his mom has called me a twat I didn’t let it bother me one bit bc I knew that’s what they wanted stand beside your husband if he is willing to x with out. Don’t give them what they want.

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Why would you divorce your husband? This is silly. People no matter their relation to you will always have an issue or disapprove. Live your life and forget about them. Love them from a distance and disregard their ignorance. My mother in law hates me and my kids…which are her grandkids :expressionless: but my husband has cut them off because they are violent people. I stand by my husband and YOU should stand by yours


Girl y’all chose each other. You cant choose the family your born into. Ijs


Is there anyway you can just separate yourself from them rather then divorce being he answer? I mean why associate yourself with people who make you feel awful and don’t like you? My partners family doesn’t like me either and I don’t let it effect my life. I just don’t have anything to do with them… if you can do the same and not go to family gatherings etc (but send your kids with your husband if he so chooses to go) you’ll honestly be happier I think. Just my opinion… and it worked for me :blush:


Definitely stay. His family should be supportive of his love for you. If they’re not, then they don’t sound like real family.

The family you come from is important, but the family you create is priority. If he’s willing to cut ties with his family, that shows that he is willing to make it work for you and your kids. Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Cut em off and live the life you want with your husband and babies.

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You’re going to divorce your husband because someone in his family called you a bitch? Your husband needs to tell his family to respect you or leave you alone.

It’s not what people call you, it’s what you answer to. Don’t let that bs ruin your marriage babe. If you feel like confronting them, confront them. If you feel like avoiding them, avoid them, but don’t let them destroy you. You need to talk to your husband. If things are that bad then it’s his job to do something about it, and I know if my family treated my husband that way they would be answering to me for it. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to let it bother you. After all, other people’s opinions of us is none of our business. :wink:

Fuck them. You’re in a relationship with him not them. They need to understand that he wants to be with you and is happy. If they really cared about him they would be happy for him and suck it up.

Who cares what they think as long as your husband is sticking by you. Divorce because his family doesn’t like you is crazy and really its a nonissue. Unless hes defending them or making you look bad i wouldnt take it out on him and your kids with divorce.


Been there as well. Carry on with your lives together :heart:

If you’re thinking about divorce over something so petty, then honestly your husband deserves better. My husbands family hated me the first 9 years of our marriage and they don’t even know me! NEVER would I divorce the man I love because of something so petty!


I wouldn’t get divorced over that but that’s how I feel
I wouldn’t let them not liking you bother u heck I know most my husband family don’t like me just put up with me should I say n I don’t care I don’t let it get to me

The family you create is more important than the family you come from, honestly you married him not his family I would just limit the time spent with them and focus on your relationship because nothing else is important


If your husband is willing to cut off his family for you then he is no longer in the FOG. Follow his lead.

Let his family blame you. As long as he stands up to them and tells them that this is his decision and not yours. They won’t believe it but at least he will have told them.


If he’s willing to x them for your marriage then try that first before calling it quits. Especially if he loves you enough to do that.

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