My husbands friend comes over every weekend to drink: Advice?

My husband’s friend is driving me nuts! He shows up every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday nights, to drink beer. We have a 2.5-year-old and a four-month-old. It’s usually when the kids have gone to bed, and he rolls in on his quad, and the dog goes nuts loudly barking (sometimes waking our toddler). Some nights they are in and out on their quads which makes the dog bark too and keeps me up when I have to get up with the baby in the night. Super frustrating!! Not to mention this leaves me and my husband zero alone time together. My husband should step up and set some boundaries, but he won’t…and he’s condoning it by going along with it then complains about it when he comes to bed that he is always stopping in. What would you do?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My husbands friend comes over every weekend to drink: Advice?

Lay the law down…only one way to stop it and that’s speak up

If your husband don’t have balls enough to tell the guy then you do it!! I sure would.


Your husband needs to man up and be a husband and father.He probably only complains about his friend to please you,but sounds that he enjoys it. He needs to take responsibility for the family and contribuate and help you.Just sit down with him and explain what bugs you and that things have to change.You deserve to have family time…and …talk to his friend tell him he can’t be keeping doing this all the time,it’s ok once in a while but to get a life on his own.Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I’d call them both out when they’re together :woman_shrugging:

Sounds like he enjoys it but complains to you so you wont be mad at him

Honestly you need to tell your husband just how frustrated you are and that he needs to stop it from happening otherwise you will do so.

I have no problem being the a hole in the situation…lemme talk to this friend lol


Start saying oh we won’t be home next weekend the hubby and I want some alone time, there’s ways to handle it without getting anyone upset


Since your husband doesnt have the balls to say anything you say something. Its your home too and he should respect your wishes and your home and the fact that you have children.


Just say something to both of them. Sounds like your husband enjoys his friends company and just complains to you so you won’t be too mad at him :woman_shrugging:t4:

Hook him up with someone…he may be lonely. If not tell him he needs to take his loud drunk ass somewhere after 11 p.m. And that he cant come over every damn weekend…men have this weird lil loyalty bro code they seem to honor til the day they fucking die. Naw dude that has to stop or atleast slow down to a minimum
. That’s not fair to you or the kids…hell the dog also. He seems to need a direct, firm talking to. Hope hubby understands it’s the right to do. That’s you alls home, not a flophouse, or kicking it spot every damn weekend.


Sit down and talk to hubby once in a while they can visit but every weekend? Your hubby needs to put the breaks on his pal! Your hubby should be more sensitive to his kids and you!

I had a similar situation I just stopped buying beer


If your husband isn’t addressing it, it’s cause he doesnt want to. As a female and his wife he shouldn’t be putting you in a position to address it. But if you are backed in that corner speak up and let him know his behavior is disrupting you and your kids sleep and won’t be allowed to continue


I had a very similar situation, he wouldnt step up and say anything, so I ended up telling the guy that he needs to understand and respect that we have a family and need time together and if he didnt like it then he is no longer welcome.

If ur husband doesnt have the balls to say something then u need to say something
Try nicely at first just incase hes oblivious to what hes doing and if tht doesnt work flip shit on both of them

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Here’s the thing… be grateful he’s not dragging your man out!!! No it doesn’t need to be every weekend but holy hell boys like to have fun stop being a boring Betty and get on a damn quad and enjoy :wink:

Tell him to go home lol forget that I’d say We have a family go find ur single friends to bother

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