My husbands step-dad has been making me feel uncomfortable: What should I do?

My husband and I just recently made a massive move to a different state we moved in with his mom and stepped dad everything is wonderful!!! But here lately, his stepdad is starting to weird me out. He constantly walks up behind me, grabs my hips in a “playful” Way, and says hey or whatever it’s just weird!!! Well last night I was standing in the kitchen with my husband’s mom who I guess is either blind or doesn’t think anything of it but my husband stepdad walked up behind me put his arms all way around my waist (like a husband would) and asked me how my day was!!! I really wanna tell my husband that is stepdad is doing these things, and it’s making me feel some type of way, but I’m also terribly afraid to start anything!!! HELP should I tell my husband


You should tell the step dad to not touch you and you feel it is inappropriate.


Um… SPEAK UP!!! If you are uncomfortable you have a right to say so!!


First just tell your fil you are not comfortable with it.

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…have you said anything to the step dad…i meann you gotta do is tell him to stop being creepy. Don’t appreciate it…etc…


Tell the step dad when he does it! Push him off you!!


You absolutely need to tell him right away, and you need to speak up for yourself when his step dad does this. Firmly and loudly say “please don’t touch me/ put your arms around me. You are making me uncomfortable and I don’t appreciate it”


Throat punch him. Tell your husband.


YES. ITS YOUR BODY. Tell someone in the house you are uncomfortable and ask for help.

Tell him you don’t like it and to stop and also tell your husband too.

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Def speak up :astonished::sweat_smile: first of all that’s creepy af, and tell ur husband :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would speak to the step dad and make him aware the you have a personal space issue. My step moms family was kida odd like that but not in a way that was nearly as bad as that


Talk to your father in law in front of your husband so you have a witness to the conversation! Make it very clear you’re uncomfortable with the way he touches you!!


Tell him to fucking stop touching you. Wtf

Tell the man that is puttin his hands on you-just tell him you rather not in a nice way-if you say much he will make you move

Tel the step dad not to it and that it males u feel uncomfortable. And tell ur husband whats going on too.

Yeah I’d tell him I’d like it if you don’t grab me like that. That is weird.

I’d tell him to watch his step. Lol. Tell him this ain’t the 50s anymore cant just be manhandling women when you want to.

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Yes you should ABSOLUTELY tell your Husband and maybe even talk to your Mother in law about it.


I’ve lived with my in laws and that’s never how a FIL should act. Super inappropriate.