My in laws never apologized for treating me bad but want access to my child: Advice?

A year ago my mother in law and 3 sister’s in law came to visit and stay for the holidays, and it was my first time meeting her. My husband used to have a problem drinking, and I was in my early pregnancy, I told them about my pregnancy and didn’t seem to be happy as I expected since it was they’re first grandbaby/niece one day, my husband comes home really drunk, and I was in the room trying to sleep, and he comes in all loud, trying to come on to me. I pushed him away and was telling him to get out of the room and to give me my car keys, but he wasn’t listening, so my mother in law rushes to my room to scream at me for being mean to her son, and he could do whatever he wanted and that she will never like me. I was in shock that I didn’t say one word to her. Days pass, and the lady and his sisters start being rude to me and throwing my food I cooked into the trash, so I wouldn’t have lunch for my work. They would scream to me say nasty things, and even one of them say they hoped I left… anyways they leave and what a relief trying to stay calm because I was pregnant and not to give in to them to argue or say anything. so now his sister comes over like nothing happen and tries to be nice, but I know she’s fake, so I also act it and doesn’t address to why they did and said those things to me because all I wanted was for him to stop drinking every day and couples argue, and he did thank god!! So the mom wants to see the baby but doesn’t want to apologize or see me, so I tell my husband no, I will not let her see her unless she apologizes for treating me like shit while knowing you were drunk and I was pregnant. I don’t know if I should address it to his sister that comes over or just brush it away and let her do her act and let his mom see my baby. Mind you, she reads cards, and this spiritual thing, I don’t want around my baby. What do you guys think?


Nope I wouldn’t allow it if you can’t accept me then therefore you have no access to “MY” child until you can be responsible enough to apologise

If a relationship with his kid and family is important then he can take the child to their house. I would never let them back in my house, or talk to them again without an explanation and apology.

She sounds toxic! Keep your child away from that mess. If she hates you that much she might even mistreat your baby if the baby reminds her of you. You need to protect your baby.


I wouldn’t let them near me or my child and if your mother in law has anything to say remind her of how she and her daughters treated you
And if your husband dosent back u up kick him out or leave him or you will always be abused by him and them

Hell to the fucking no. And while you’re at, I’d drop the loser husband too.


i thought i was the one who wrote this, almost the same except my husband is too nice and we used to be taken advantage by his own family. trust me that i did everything to be a good dil but with such kind of in laws cutting them off completely was the best thing i ever did for me, my husband and our son. Dont waste time like me. They will never change and will never admit they are wrong or wont even give you the apology you are seeking. The 3 years i would not allowed them near me and my son, our life has never been so peaceful, happier and blessed. i am determined to keep it that way forever.

Heck no! If she can’t respect you and apologize and be kind to you, she doesn’t need to be around your kid.


This is how bad things happen… People are sick… If they have something against you they will take it out on your child… Save your baby from that hell…


Why let your child be burdened with such hateful people?


People will only do what you allow them to. The sister needs to be addressed as well. I can’t believe you let it slide already. They all absolutely owe you an apology!


She told you her son could do what he wants ? She’s happy for her son to have raped you cos you said no ! Tell her and the two faced sisters to fuck off and her precious son too !! YOU don’t need toxic people like that in your or your child’s life


Take your baby and run. He allows their bad behavior towards you. He didn’t stand up for you then and he probably never will. Don’t waste anymore time in that toxic situation.
Start a new life with you and your baby before it’s too late and you get stuck having to also be toxic just to fit in.


No you shouldn’t and the aunt either it’s not about them apologizing. You don’t need people like that


Demand an apology and say if they ever do it again, they can stay the heck away. If no apology, don’t let them come to your house.

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Sounds like a narcissistic family dynamic.

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I do not let my children around people that “don’t like me” family member included.

Let her keep her son and he can do what he wants with her and at her. If you are paying rent send him packing. If he is paying ,go . Get out of that nasty relationship. She reads cards ,well let her read them without you and your child.They are a disrespectful lot.

No chance cut them off!


Let them see the child. It’s unfair for them to not have access. But say even if you have to pay… have them stay in a hotel or motel. Or you go visit them and YOU all stay in a hotel.