My in laws never apologized for treating me bad but want access to my child: Advice?

Middle-ground. My personality is 100% non-confrontational. Time for a family meeting. You’re an adult and parent now. Call them out on it. Then set your lines. You are the boss and parent. Any further problems, they WILL be cut off. People change over time, it may have been a rotten event before… But try to see it in a better light. With COVID, supervised visits, maybe the park or dinner-lunch date which allows a cutoff time

Your baby, your decision.
You don’t need that negativity around you or you baby.

It sounds like you need a divorce and to run


Cut off Toxic people the sooner the better .


All of them need to be addressed. They were all awful.

I would think she thought her son wasnt ready to be a parent since he was an Alcoholic…she doesn’t need to call you names thats for sure but I would try and be the bigger person if i were you… let his family see the baby

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Tell her to apologize or go piss up a rope. Also tell your man to respect your decision and to stand up to his family. Your child your decisions!! I would not let toxic people around my child.

Protect your child from the evils of this woman.

Whew, reading this made my blood boil. I’d cut them off completely! That’s a crazy family and keep your child far away from that! Mental abuse is the worst!

Protect your baby like she protected her son when he was being shitty​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


If she wants nothing to do with you and won’t apologize than hell no . If someone wants to be apart of your child’s life than they need to have respect for u period


Not a one of them would see my baby and the mommas boy would be living with his momma

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I feel for you I understand how you feel. I’ve had a similar experience. First I would say you need to talk to your husband, he needs to be on the same page with you as far as his family owing you an apology. If hes not then I’d get out of that marriage asap. If he does agree I would try to save a sit down with them and if they don’t apologize for their actions then no I would not let them near you or your child. If they can’t be decent human beings and respectful to you they don’t deserve to be around your baby. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find peace with everything

Tell her to pound sand!

Ahhh in-laws, gotta love’em!

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Run away from all of them!!! Don’t look back

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You need to say if you cant respect me , then you don’t respect our family or our daughter until you show more respect to us as a family then we can work on it . Be cautious because they might start taking badly about you in front of your daughter remember your the mother of YOUR child YOU call the shots not THEM! You do what you feel is best and don’t let anybody else tell you how you raise your child work out family problems first and explain why including spelling out their actions and how it made you feel afterwards and how you feel that they feel about you and the negatively of the situation and you feel that as a mum your daughter doesn’t need to be around people who will be negative around her about her mum and dad . Also saying that you also need to speak positive about your daughter grandmother and Aunties because they might come around to being nuce to youe family later , plus they can’t say that you “made” her hate them . Your daughter need to know that she is loved by them too.

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Only way they would see my child is in my presence…and that would be a BIG IF!!!

I don’t blame you. I think she needs to make amends with you before starting a relationship with your child. What happens if she verbally poisons your child with things that aren’t true about you out of spite when your child is older? No.