My in laws talk badly about my husbnd when he isn't around: Do I have a right to be offended?

Should I get offended that my in laws talk crap about my husband when he’s not around? It really breaks my heart for him. He’s a great person but has his flaws just like any normal person would. Most of it is about stuff that’s happened long before we met. (9 years ago) Should it bother me as much as it does?


I would be FURIOUS. He’s your husband ,y’all chose each other. I’d tell them to stop or not go around family anymore if they can’t respect him or you.


So his parents. It’s normal you feel bad.

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Yes you have the right to be mad! I honestly would have a talk with them about how it makes you feel. I would personally tell them they can’t come around until they can respect your husband.

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Yesss. Id be livid!! Stand by your man!! No matter what!! Even when hes wrong stand behind him and correct/ask whats was wrong in private💙


Yes you should be telling him exactly what they are saying and then cut the assholes out of your life!

They are allowed to have issues with his past that you weren’t there to experience…you marrying him doesn’t change their history

Tell them to keep their put downs to themselves. You don’t have to deal with this. If they get offended, then tell them thats how they make you feel and they need not visit anymore. I heard a great saying from my late father which is, “Clean up your own Backyard” before pointing the finger. Good Luck. Defend you husband if they won’t listen.

You are his partner. You should have each other’s back.


I wouldn’t be around anyone who’s talking bad about my husband. He’s the person I’m spending life with, and he’s the person I’ll love, support, and protect for the rest of my days.

They can have their opinions on their son, but if they don’t respect you asking them to not talk about him in a negative manner around you then I wouldn’t be around it.

Yes you have every right to be upset! Stand by YOUR MAN, always! I would stay away until they learn to control their comments

You and ur husband are supposed to be one and the same. To talk shit about him yes u should take that personally just as u would expect him to… u defend ur person in public and talk it out with them in private

If he’s learned from his past and is a better person then its uncalled for. You have every right to be mad.

You love and care for this man of course you have all right to be offended.
Trust and honesty is important in a relationship, find a way to break it to him (if he doesn’t already know)

One of my daughters took pictures from my photo album. They’re irreplaceable. She took originals and did not make copies. I am still angry at her. I don’t want her at my house because she takes what she wants.

I’d get everyone in a room and clear the air or nothing will change, wishing you the best of luck💖

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In my opinion if they don’t want to be respectful to all parts of your family they shouldn’t be in the picture til they can learn some respect

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Nobody has the right to tell you what does and doesn’t make you feel bad.

The past is the past and everyone needs to move forward.
You can politely ask them to stop. Explain to them that you think the world of him and it hurts to hear them talking badly about your husband. If they have any respect for you, they will stop. If not, you can remove yourself from their family gatherings because of the discomfort you feel from the gossiping. It’s unhealthy and such a social kill!


My parents did this to my husband and I cut them off. I’m an adult and they can respect me and my house and my husband. My parents apologized after they knew I was serious.