My infant will only sleep when he is beign held: Advice?

I’m a first-time mom to a six-week-old baby boy, and over the last month, he’s been becoming increasingly more dependent on both his father and me for sleep. We almost always have to be holding him for him to fall asleep. No matter how gently we set him down, he wakes up and fusses, if not cries until one of us picks him up again. Yesterday we went the entire day where I could not set him down for more than 3 minutes without him full force crying, but then at one point overnight he slept for 5.5 hours straight in his bassinet, I’m assuming because he was exhausted. It’s becoming a frequent occurrence where I have to spend my entire day holding my baby. Have any other Mom’s out there experienced this? Is there a solution, or is it just something that comes with time? Advice much appreciated! Thank you!


Try a swing if u have one if not highly recommended you get one


My kids were like that until I got them a swing an then they would sleep

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I’d try a swaddle, and wrapping it a little tighter since your baby is so little still and doesn’t roll over yet. and I’d try a white noise machine.

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When putting him in the bassinet or a swing have something in there that smells like you or dad so he knows he is safe an comfortable

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It’s absolutely exhausting but yes it’s completely normal. Talk yourself into it being OK that you’re sitting and holding your baby. Other things have to wait! They are still brand new at 6 weeks old and all they know is they want to feel and smell their mama :blush:


My 8 week old is the same way. I swaddle him a little tight and hold and rock him till i know he is out. Then I’ll place him in is swing so he’ll still feel the rocking motion.

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We used to get a little heating pad and put it on our daughter’s bassinet to warm up her bed, then take it off before we’d lay her down. We realized going from our warm arms to a cold bed would always wake her up! It was such a game changer and life saver!

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Swings and vibrating bouncers are a lifesaver.


Only 6 weeks old? Hold him, use a carrier so it’s easier to get things done. You carried him 9mths so obviously he will still want to be held. A five hr stint of sleep at night is huge for that age as well, my 18mth old only just stopped hourly breast feeds through the night so I’d say he is being a normal six week old.


3 of mine would only sleep on their tummy and I mean ONLY.

When he can hold his head up get a sit me chair, and if your doing dishes or something have him with you. Something like this. Then you can get stuff done and he’s near you. As for sleeping alone I’m sorry I don’t have any advice :pleading_face:

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I went through the same thing when my son was a baby. He’s 13 now… But it was rough for awhile. We realized eventually that he would also fall asleep in his swing when it would rock him side to side. So he spent alot of time sleeping in his swing because it was either that or one of us had to be holding him which wasn’t always doable. It wasn’t an ideal fix but it helped.

My youngest was like that until i took him to the chiropractor, night and day difference. He took two adjustments hasnt had to go back since :slight_smile:

It’s a growth spurt. It will pass hopefully. Same boat here, i swaddle then lay ler next to me and then move her to crib, but at least 30 mins until she’s deep asleep before moving.

Dont hold it all the time if your baby gets tired enough your baby will fall asleep by its self if you keep giving in then it will expect you to hold them all the time even when you have things you need to be doing just let your baby cry it’s self soothing teaches them that they can’t always have you hold them just because they cry teach your baby now that the world doesn’t revolve around them and that they can’t always have there way other wise they grow up being self entitled brats that need there asses beat

That’s what they do Mama, some infants need to be held rock the clock, as he gets older you’ll be have to leave him for longer time periods but he’s still needs to be held ever 10-15 minutes

My 5 month old is the same. My older daughter did it too. They eventually grow out of it… enjoy the cuddles! My 3 year old is now rambunctious and an independent “big girl”

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Totally normal. Youre in the 4th trimester. Your baby only knows you. He only knows your touch, warmth, smell. He’s too young to cry it out. Just do what he needs. You’re building a trustworthy bond right now, dont mess it up bc you’re exhausted. Being a parent is exhausting. Way more then ever expected.

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It’s so okay for him to want you to fall asleep, just keep trying to put him down. Every time, snuggle to sleep and put him down. He will learn to feel more comfortable and confident on his own, it does take time.
Do what feels right, you’re doing great! :yellow_heart:

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