My job doesn't offer maternity leave: Advice?

My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child in December. My job doesn’t offer paid maternity leave. I was hoping to add short term disability onto my benefits package at work to pay for part of my regular pay while on maternity leave, as I didn’t have it during previous years. Unfortunately, because I found out I was pregnant five weeks before our open enrollment began, I don’t qualify to have the short term disability applied to my maternity leave because it’s considered a “pre-existing health condition.” I looked into other short term disability insurance packages through my private insurance, but they only cover “unique” circumstances, like if I had a c-section versus a natural birth. We discussed it together about budgeting to cover part of my pay as I’ll still need maternity leave. My question is for any other mothers who may have had a similar experience and how they navigated this? What did others find as options? We do have other bills like anyone else, and it’s an option to do a forbearance on student loans, etc., during my time out of work. Thanks in advance for any input!


I heard Aflac has maternity coverage but not sure if you have to have it before you get pregnant.

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Unfortunately i had to go back to work within 7 days with each of my babies cause my job never offered maternity leave


Thankfully I am covered for short term during my leave. Having most any insurances (those I’ve looked into) you have to have the coverage for a certain period of time before becoming pregnant. As a single mother you can go through DHHS and sign up for assistance, which will help bring in a little bit of cash. We managed to save some from taxes and putting away with each paycheck to allow me to take time off. With our first, I didn’t get the chance to.

I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before I had started my job. I actually worked a part time job on top of my full time job for 4 months to save money for my maternity leave.

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Since you are already pregnant I don’t think anything will cover. I also had unpaid maternity leave. It’s not uncommon. You would have had to add short term disability or any other supplemental coverage prior to pregnancy. Unemployment also will not cover and you will also be responsible for your portion of your medical insurance while you are off. Start saving


My job you have to have that many hours you will be gone saved up

Start saving and budget for when your off. Im not sure if this is your first baby or not but you may not realize that you won’t really be doing anything or going anywhere during your time off of work so really you aren’t spending much money. Good luck!

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I tried to save up as much PTO as I could. I also tried to pay ahead or get rid of any Bill’s I could before the baby came. I also tried to get a little savings together. It was tight believe me, but I had enough diapers and wipes from my shower and had GCs to use as well for stuff.


Save as much money as you can!
December is still far away. You have time.
I took 5 weeks, but I used my 2 weeks vacation time. So I only had 3 weeks unpaid.
But I had plenty bc of all the savings I had. I had fun during that time.
Best of luck to you!!

I’m sorry for this failure in our system for not offering governed maternity leave. I don’t know if you looked in to DHS programs but they might have some form of assistance that you haven’t looked into yet. Good luck and congratulations


If your first doctor appointment wasn’t before you enrolled, they cannot prove it was a pre-existing condition as you may not have been aware before then. Currently dealing with that now. They look into the 6 months before I enrolled, but because I didn’t see my doctor before I enrolled, I should still technically get it.

In Canada we have 12 -18 months of paid maternity leave. We collect unemployment during this time. :canada:


I was lucky with all of my kids my employer paid 80 hours of maternity leave (I was about to break that into 33 hours a week) and then I had PTO to cover the rest. I took 7 weeks with my last.
Best thing I did was stock up on everything I could while pregnant. Target has awesome baby sales. I had a wall of diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent etc we literally went a year with having to buy any of that. Maybe if your utility bill is 100 a month save 25 or 50 a pay period to cover it while you aren’t working.

With my first 4 kids, I had unpaid. Even tho I was full time at work with the twins, we didnt have short term disability. We just put as much away as we could to save and I only took about 3-4 weeks of leave.

You should look into Aflac.

And then there is this…


Can you not go on EI

I don’t know what state you live in but look into FMLA

with my first i didn’t have paid leave either, i called and got any bills i could deferred for 3 months (to start around my due date) and i only stayed out what i had to, which was 8 weeks because i had a c section but i had some complications.