My kid refuses to take medicine: Advice?

I’m just a mom seeking some advice. I have a son soon to be two in April and i have a problem with giving him his medicines when he has a fever or a temperature and he refuses to take his antibiotics or any other medicine he will spit it out and ive tried giving him with a syringe as well and he eventually brings it all up.


Put it in ice cream :grin:


Trick him with a Juice Box


Mix it with chocolate sauce. Or they have options at pharmacies to flavor medication. Let him choose the flavor.

Try it in food or a drink or as for a pill version

Mix it in applesauce make him think he getting a treat​:rofl::woman_facepalming:


When my son was that little, I ask if they could give him a shot of antibiotics. It wasn’t worth the fight and him still not getting the antibiotics he needed. Tylenol has children’s suppositories for fever.

Suppositories work as far as fevers, antibiotics I usually put it in milk half hour before I have to give it to my son, so that the flavoring absorbs into the milk

ALL of that does Nothing to mask the taste & provide proof that it’s probably not him bringing it back up hun that’s his body telling you to try something else

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Let him do it himself! And have his favorite cup and choice of his favorite drink to wash it down

When my daughter refused to take her meds I took her back to the doc… she was rather sick and needed the antibiotic… well he fast solved that by injection… I tell you any meds I gave her after that she took. .

Maybe hed take a pill my son did. I just handed it to him and told him to swallow it. Make sure they are all necessary too. A lot if times kids dont need tylenol let the fever do its thing. Give him probiotics a few times a week and jo antibiotics unless absolutely nec.

Try strawberry ice cream!!! Stir it until it becomes a “soft serve” then add the antibiotic!! Never fails for us!!

My daughter was the same way. We finally figured out for her if we offered her one of her favorite treats after the medicine, she would keep it down. Whipped cream was the winner. She takes medicine, takes a sip of water, and then whipped cream!

My daughter was like that and i never figured it out. If i found a way to make her swallow it she puked it up. What helped was when she started taking tablets and didnt taste it. It was the taste she didnt like and why she wouldnt take meds

I bought my daughter a sippy cup with the water and glitter and little floaties in the walls. I’d crush her medicine and put it in juice, stir it in the cup and let her have a snack. She’d mindlessly watch TV sipping the juice and eating a snack. Usually gummies cause it sticks to the teeth and they taste it instead of a spiked juice LOL (i only did it with chewables when she was sick. I can’t say for other medicines but if it’s similar it can’t hurt to try)

Tell him the medicine will turn him into a superhero, it worked for my son

For fever, peppermint oil on his toes and on his back right now his spine. Don’t know how it works, but it does.

If it’s all meds then maybe his body is saying nope not for me

I used to mash it between spoons and put it in applesauce or pudding.