My kids come home from school overly emotional: Advice?

My kids try really hard in school and do great, and I’m so thankful, but when they get home, they’re drained and overly emotional. Will they outgrow this? I’d love to sign them up for dance or gymnastics again, but I’m worried it’ll be too much for them. How can I help them cope? They’re in K and 1st-grade doing full time in-person school with masks, distancing, etc.


My girl is like this and my 2 boys were the same when younger. As soon as we get through the door I make them snacks. It works a treat, my children can get hangry


I work in child care and this very normal … you are their safe space mama… a lot of things have changed in the school environment and it’s hard for them follow all the rules and structure that is in place at anytime but more so with Covid rules … so when they get home they feel like they can unload . Try planning a fun activity as a family at home or even just some quiet time and snacks … ask them what they would like to do than they have something to look forward to at the end of the day … but yes it will pass


They’re not getting proper air flow. And to be like that all day? That makes anyone exhausted. I’m tired when I get home from a trip to Target.

My daughter was like that last year and we discovered she was being intensely bullied all day and thats what caused it. She was scared to talk about it. This year she takes even more dance classes and is in 1st grade and comes out of school happy as can be. We switched schools.

When my little boy would see me after some time away he would have big emotions. He did well away from me. But as soon as he got to me I was his safe place to release the emotions built up from the day. Some days we ate snacks in the quiet. Other days we snuggled and watched a show. And sometimes he just needed to let out his emotions and then come to me when he’s ready.
Full-time for little ones under new social norms would be challenging (for children & adults alike).

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Are they getting enough sleep? What time do they go to bed. That young, their emotions are all over the place. Masks don’t help.

Honestly having an activity would get something to look forward to.

Unfortunately it’s the way it is. I always got them a drink and a snack then it was outside for a little fun time. I would cook dinner while helping with homework and they’d get one hour of t.v/computer time and get ready for bed. On certain days they would have karate class and do sports mostly just for my son as my daughter was a shy little girl (until she got older ) I think the kids would try so hard to get a star or treat for good behavior at school and all the frustrations they had were taking out after school. We did therapy and outings to keep them happy

my daughter always says “I had to be good all day at school. thats why I’m grumpier at home!”
and shes right. think of it like the customer service smile… when you get home from work, aren’t you drained from pretending to be nice all day? even if you don’t work in customer service I think we can all relate to it.


I have 3. It will get better. I didn’t put the kids in anything as far as dance and such, simply because I knew they couldn’t deal with one more thing at that age.

Take them to the park.

This is pretty normal for kiddos that age. It’s hard work to behave all day, and learn. They are exhausted by the time they get home. My kids would come home be really fussy and whiny, 9 times out of 10 they’d fall asleep while eating their after school snack. It will get better as they get older. Just be patient and give them time to adjust. Also I would wait until summer time to sign them up for extra activities. If they are struggling adding more even if it’s fun can make things worse for them

Snacks and maybe a little bit of screen time to just zone out too and relax too before any other activities.

I found my oldest would. We discovered that it was over simulation. 15-30 minutes of quiet time is our solution. 20 minutes of solitary in his bedroom with a book or Legos, away from the noise and bustle of his siblings. Or 15 minutes just sitting and calmly talking together about his day. A solo bike ride around the block. Just some time to do something without other kids screaming in his face, and without an expectation of accomplishing anything on that time. No homework or chores as soon as they walk in. Just time to calm and centre himself.

They’re kindergarten and 1st.Of course their gonna be drained.Maybe let them chill at home with music or coloring,maybe put a funny movie on they can watch.Bake cookies or idk.Find something that relaxes them while at home so they not so stressed at least there.I know its hard with so many demands from external forces.Process overload.Everything so fast paced along with expectations on parents.


They will outgrow it. My stepdaughter was probably 3rd grade when she knocked it off and got in better rhythm with the school/home schedule. She is also naturally an OVERLY DRAMATIC person. So maybe just give it some to get used to the year and process

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They probably need to burn energy off, they cant play the way the used to at school with other kids because of the mask.they may even sit in classroom for lunch not sure per school area.they probably are upset for having to wear mask that long

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That is why school’s should still do nap time. Kids get drained with all that energy they use up in the morning.

Make them take a nap when they get home