My kids constantly brag about their dad when they come home: Thoughts?

I am so sad right now. I am just needing to vent and looking for advice about how to go about this. My ex and I divorced about seven years ago; most of the time, we were married, he was at work and not paying attention to our family. Never even spending time with the kids. Well, now he makes an effort to see them about every 3/6 months…and when he takes them, they come back bragging about how much he buys them, all the fun things they do, and how much money he has. They go on and on about how much they love him. I try my hardest to give them the life they deserve, but I will never have enough money for them to brag about me like that. I just feel so sad.


They just love their dad and spending time with him. I know it sucks for you to hear, but I would not take it personally <3