My kids constantly want to snack after dinner: Advice?

Both my kids eat their dinners, but I feel like all they want are snacks every 20 min between meals. Any moms find a solution lol I mean, they’re healthy snacks, but it gets so expensive going through snacks like that lol


Popcorn is a good snack and cheap

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More protein in their diet

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Is it because they’re hungry still or just bored, if it’s from being bored try to distract them and keep them busy instead

My daughter’s snacks are things like cherry tomatoes, carrots sticks, pretzels, cheese sticks, cucumber slices, oranges or apples and those are all pretty budget friendly and good for her so I don’t mind.


My kids usually have breakfast somewhere between 8:30am and 9:30am. Lunch between 12:30 and 1:30. Dinner between 4:30 and 5. Then a light snack between 7 and 7:30. Time varies because both of us are full time workers. But this schedule has helped at a lot. They layfown for half an hour in their room at 9pm and lights off, bed time kisses and prayers at 9:30. Adjust to whichever hours you need, but it definitely works.

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I get crackers yogurts and good snacks where you get a lot and it can last long. Could mean their bored or thirsty too. It’s because we’re all home so much and the pandemic

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Growing kiddos. Let em eat, just find healthy stuff for them :blush:


Tell them no? Just a thought lol


Make sure they have enough at meals, and maybe one snack in the afternoon but ‘No’ usually works for me :slight_smile:

Kids protein bars and water. Usually my son is just thirsty but doesn’t know the difference

My son ate non stop while growing…
But they could be thirsty…do they get enough water??

Fruit or veggies. My kids have always had cereal before bed.

I have set snack/meal times. I have 4 kiddos and babysit 2 full time. Breakfast at 7:30, snack at 930, lunch at 11:30, snack at 3:15, supper 6 and a snack before bed sometimes but usually not as we have a late supper.

Have them drink a glass of water first

My rule of thumb is one snack between breakfast and lunch, one good size snack after school, and one snack after supper before bed. That’s it.

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My kids dont really get snacks bc they will immediately ask for one after thry are done eating. Occasionally we will do popcorn night or brownies or something. We do buy carrots and stuff but they get a well balanced meal and i always tell them if you are going to ask for a snack then that means you cant more food. Works pretty good.

My daughter lives off of snacks. Never eats a full meal no matter how much I try. So I let her snack throughout the day. She just grabs fruit, cheese, yogurt, sandwich meat, ect out of the fridge all day. As long as she’s eating something I’m not to bothered.

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In my house my kids have access to fresh water 24/7 and then we do breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and a light bedtime snack. But having access to their water definitely fills them.


Have them eat more at dinner