My kids fathers co worker is spreading rumors: Advice?

I’ve been with my kid’s father for almost five years now. We’ve been doing soo good until one of his co-workers started spreading rumors to my brother’s wife. And she went into an FBI Mode and ducked up his past. So about two years ago, I caught my kid’s father talking to a female from work fo4 almost a week, and after getting caught, he cut all ties with her. And last week one of his female co-workers started telling my brother’s wife that he’s been sleeping and doing the nasty with this girl from two years ago at his friend’s house and they’ve been talking the whole time even till now. But the thing is it was all lies. My brother’s wife made this girl text her, and she did confirm that it was two years ago. She’d wanted something serious, but he said no, he has a family. And my brother and his wife are still trying to say it happened recently. His phones have been broken for almost a month now, and his been coming straight home after work, and he works across the street from our place. His co-workers have told me that it’s not true at all and that he and this girl don’t even work together in the same building. And when he’s at work, all he does is work and don’t talk to anyone. So my brother’s wife told my brother, and now they are saying all kinds of stuff about him and I. Yes I understand he talked to this girl two years ago and that was all. Nothing happened ever since. We were supposed to move to Vegas next month, and now I don’t know what to do anymore. My brother and his wife are very stubborn, and they want everything and everybody to be perfect like they don’t make mistakes. My brother and his wife are trying to make my grandma convinced me of leaving him and put him on Child support, which is not what I want. Our little family of 4 has been so good we’ve been so happy, but they are really trying to come up with more lies so I can leave him and not move. Please, I need some advice. Should I put my foot down and tell them to back up and let us work and talk about our relationship?


Do u really need the receipts


Girl if you are happy or were before this all started, I’d tell them to mind their own damn business. You have to do what’s best for you and your family. I’d move and leave no forwarding address of they can’t get over themselves. You are grown. They aren’t your boss. Dont let them steal your joy.

Cut ties with them. Dont talk or facebook or text. Never talk to them again.

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I mean you already know what you need to do. Tell them to back off and worry about their marriage. What goes on your house is none of their business and they need to stick their nose somewhere else.

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He cheated 2 years ago but you still believe his version of what happened?
Wtf is wrong with some of you women?
Also not sure what your brother, his wife, or your move have to do with anything
Why do you refer to your partner/husband/bf/fiance of 5 years as your “kid’s father”


Hell yes!!! Its your relationship NO family member or friend has the right to intervene like this. They would kick up a fuss if the shoe was on the other foot i bet

Tell them to butt out and move sooner

My solution is this since they enjoy running their mouths punch em there and tell em that’s what happens wen they try to ruin lives but that’s just me. That and cut ties brother or not. If YOU are sure ur husband is being honest or whatever then forget the bullshit cuz obviously they aren’t living the happy perfect life they want ppl to think they’re living

Why are you listening to them and letting them control your life??


did they talk sexually tall each other did he promise her things etc ? Or was it just talk

Cut ties with your toxic family! But behind every lie, there is some truth🤷‍♀️


I think you need to clear the shit and listen ! Find out now ! For sure ! My experience is hes lying !

I would completely cut the ties with your brother and his wife… they sound toxic as heck. Whatever happened between your husband and you in the past is none of their damn business. They sound insanely toxic.

She just trying to cover her own ass maybe she is cheating on your brother. You need to tell them to clean out their own backyard first. Take your family and get the hell away from all the drama.

You know they say the accuser is the one doing. So that mean your sister-in-law ant no saint

Tell them to back off and keep them out of your head and move with him as he is your family so he talked to a girl you found out and he ended it so move on or move out choice is yours

Uh, okay. That’s your man if you choose to believe him, fine. Cut them off. But you do know there is still the possibility that he could be talking/messing with her. I mean some women will actually cover for the man that they are cheating with. You don’t have to hound him about it but you might just want to keep your eyes open.


I’m on the fence. On one side, people talk shit and thrive off of drama. And at the same time, family needs to mind their own, unless there is hard evidence to prove something. At which point they should be pointing it out just to help you and not because they want control. On the other side of it, if he has cheated in the past (yes, talking to someone inappropriately is cheating just as much as sleeping with someone, the trust is broken) and you have forgiven him, he will do it again. Mostly because he knows that he can. If your partner cheats on you and you forgive them, that’s just a green light to do it again because you’ll forgive them again. If I were you, I would be cautious. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone or how many kids you have with them.

You’re only believing what you want to believe. He cheated before, he will again most likely. Keep your eyes open.