My kids have been non stop fighting: Advice?

Hey there! I am a mom to an 11 boy and a 13-year-old girl. They love each other so much, but they simply don’t ever stop arguing, fighting, and simply always being rude to each other… my boy suffered from anxiety issues ever since 1st grade, slowly grew out of it… but this quarantine made the anxiety worse. My girl knows and understands, but it is simply too much for her most of the time. I want to help! I tell them what to do, what not to do, what to say, and not to say to help give them a bit of peace… but nothing helps. I’m running out of time and options. I was an only child; I never had this issue! Please advise.


Good luck. My girls are 16 and 14 and fight and be rude to each other all the time no matter what i tell them 🤦

I have 5. 4 boys 1 girl and they are always arguing over the the most silly things sometimes, as annoying as it can be it’s a normal part of having siblings.

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Maybe some family counseling?

My brother and sister are like this usually they just need some time apart to start missing eachothe again a weekend at the cousin’s helps alot take your time to hang with each one separately and then yall do something together fun loud and active it’ll make the minds start feeling differently when they are around each other

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Play a game with them. See who can go the longest without saying anything to each other. Play it out as long as you can but don’t let them know what you’re doing.

My sister and i were this way and we still are even though we are 22 and 25 years old now. My boyfriend and his siblings do the same. Its just a sibling thing but you could try grounded them when they dont want to listen to you, it somewhat helped with us

I tell mine to shut it lol

I have 3 kids with varying degrees of anxiety (different reasons for each kid) I’ve always told my kids they are not allowed to pick on or bully each other. They can kid around and tease a little. They are not allowed to push each other to the point of tears. They are not allowed to use each others’ anxiety against them. And good old fashioned…if one of you gets in trouble, everyone gets in trouble. Y’all lose your privileges of phone and computer use, no friends over, go nowhere.
It’s what works in our home

Continue to have dialogue with them it’s a lot but I had the same problem with my girls and it has improved. Also I think when one went to their grandmothers house and the other stayed home, they cried for one another after a while. It did make them appreciate each other’s presence after that.

It’s just what siblings do . I grew up as the baby of 3 and I have 3 . And trust that being locked up is most of the problem.


Honestly it’s what siblings do! My oldest boy is 13 today an my youngest boy is 11 an they fight an argue all day everyday. I can speak to them till I am blue in the face. Until they learn to come to an agreement with one another they will continue to argue an fight about everything.


My daughter is 9 and my son is 10. They are best friends but they get after eachother bad at times. Its normal. They will grow out of it. Im second to youngest out of 8 kids. We all did this growing up even though we were all best friends. Its a sibling thing.

It doesn’t have to be just what they do, I have 5 kids and they are not allowed to be rude to each other they aren’t allowed to fight. They try to and I squash it. I make them treat each other with respect and courtesy, the trick is you have to get pissed. I look at it like this I don’t care if they are siblings. That’s my kid they are talking to. If it was an outsider treating ur kid like that would you tolerate it. That’s how I handle it. I tell the one being rude, “ you can not talk to my son/daughter like that I won’t have it. I would never let anyone talk to you like that and I damn sure ain’t gonna let anyone talk to him/her like that. They understand that and it works I asked my teenage son if he would go to someone else’s house and treat their kids like that, he said no. I said because their parents would flip out on him. I said well I’m their parent and I’m flipping out. It’s disrespectful to me when anyone treats my kid bad and that’s includes them I don’t allow it and my kids don’t fight they talk to each other and they talk to me and we resolve the issues

I have a 15 yo girl and a 10,11,and 12 year old boy and it never stop. Argue constantly and fight to kill

My children fight/argue/bicker all day long. Generally, once they start, I make them have some ‘independent time’ where they each chose a separate activity, and do it away from each other. Once they have calmed down, I try and set up an activity they can do together. I know they atent as monks as yours, but maybe worth a shot? Hope you get some peace. X

Coming from the only girl and youngest its what siblings do. Me and my brothers fought constantly. We grew out of it, well some of it we still argue, but at the end of the day we still love each other and will be there for each other. Over time it will calm down a little. Just gotta wait it out.

Siblings fight I have all girls and they all fight

Let them work it out…one or both can walk away. The only thing i would do is make sure they both know when one walks away…the other leaves them alone. It takes 2 to argue.

I split mine up most of the time because I hate listening to it.
This is why they have separate rooms. Lol
But I do Have to say now at 11 and 12 they get along better than they used to.
Ever heard of the get along shirt. Get a very very large shirt and ever time they get in a fight stick him in that same shirt and make them sit there for 15 minutes.
Hell my dad used to threaten to give us boxing gloves and toss us in the yard. Lol