My kindergartener is struggling: Advice?

Mamas, my little girl is struggling with Kindergarten :sob: she knows her alphabet but can’t identify and has trouble writing them. No matter how much we work with her, there’s not much progress. My husband suggested a learning app, but we’ve tried ABC mouse before, and it wasn’t for her. My question is, what other learning apps do you guys use? And I was thinking of making flashcards with her lower and uppercase letters, but how would you address the writing? Is there something I’m not thinking of? Give me all your tips, ladies! We may try ABC mouse again… it’s been some time, and maybe she just wasn’t ready yet. All advice welcome! I’m also not the most patient person either; God did not make me a teacher!


Did she do pre k? It’s still very early in the year so give it time. Kids that don’t do pre k are a little more behind then they ones that do. Flash cards are a tool. Abcya is a great website also

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I loved the preschool prep videos books flash cards and work books they are on amazon.

See if you can do ignite/hatch it’s like hatch through ignite or something like that

have you tried getting the abc books where they trace the letter? or write them down for her and have her trace yours. that may help

Not sure if this would help, but my daughter loved it! This was in a coloring book, and I just made my own after the fact.

Get flour and put a flat pan. Have her use that to practice letters. It is only October and these kindergarteners have had a rough start. She will get it. Just patience and practice for the time being. You are doing great.


It all depends on how she learns. My daughter is pretty advanced for her age but I’m constantly working with her since her dad and I decided not to send her to preschool. I’ve always liked the dry erase hack. Get writing paper, write uppercase and lowercase of each letter, laminate the pages, and have her trace and write with dry erase markers.

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I use to use a water gun to help my son write letters or numbers, we go outside and squirt the water and shape it like letters or numbers, m&m’s arrange it into letters

I use to write the letters all out and my daughter traced them.

I dont have advice, just wanted to let you know you arent alone. My son is in Kindergarten this year, did pre k last year until Covid 19 hit and he still cant write his abcs and can not even recognize all of them yet. He knows colors, shapes, how to cut with scissors but not how to write. They will get there.

I just bought my 5 year old an activity book. It has the numbers and letters to trace and colors and shapes. $2.50 at Wal-Mart.

Sheet of paper. Numbers from 0-10 one side and alphabet other side. Laminate and use white board marker for her to go over, wipe clean after every use and get her to do again and again whilst she counts and sings alphabet.

Get some sheet protectors write one letter on a paper then place the paper in the sheet protector. Give her a dry erase marker and she can practice over and over again.

Dollar Tree has workbooks that could help. Look for an alphabet puzzle. I am currently working with a student in the same situation. Lots of patience and rewards, something simple. Our kids in class get a skittle and they are thrilled with it.

I do elementary intervention and flash cards would be a great idea and if possible, get a white board and dry erase marker and have her write the letters as you’re asking which letter is on the flash card. Or there are a lot of websites that you can print out letter worksheets she can trace.

I wrote them out had her trace them in crayon since 2

Have her trace the alphabet on paper. Either you right it out in marker and have her trace it with a pencil or print out some paper with the ABCs on them and have her trace the lines with a pencil. That helped my 5yr old. She didn’t like it but it did help her memorize her ABCs

The suggestions above are great, my kiddos liked Starfall, and just start with the letters of her name in capitals. Then add 1 more every week. Then try lower case letters and match to capitals. It’s early yet in the year, but if this persists into Feb I’d recommend some testing. 1 in 5 kids has dyslexia, so it’s pretty common and can impact her study habits through school. She will likely be reading 10+ words and beginner texts before mastering the alphabet.

Google squishy bags… they are a fun exciting way for little ones to learn both the letters and the writing