My Landlord Sent a Registered Sex Offender to My House for Handiwork: What Should I Do?


"Had a knock on my door today. Thinking it was my husband who was working in the back yard, I opened it right up. Wearing no bra, in a t-shirt and booty shorts, I was greeted by a man that my landlord hired to look at our floor.

Ok, so I lead him to the area and grabbed a jacket. Meanwhile, my 2-year-old comes running down the hallway in a diaper, being chased by the 6-year-old girl in only shorts. I walk away from the guy and get them dressed. He tells me about the floor needing to be replaced and he will call my landlord to tell him. Ok - bye.

30 minutes later I’m in the bathroom, about to head out, and hear talking outside the window… He is back with the landlord. Nobody has even let me know they were coming to begin with, so I’m frustrated.

Apparently, this man has done crawled underneath my entire house and I didn’t even know it until I greeted them outside and was told there is no leak. Planned to come to replace the floor and said it’ll be a Sunday-Monday job. Okay cool, bye again.

Well, I get to looking some things up since the guy mentioned living nearby and his house color… And he is exactly who I thought he was: a registered sex offender. Charges are sexual assault against a child.

So now I’m beyond livid I wasn’t told he was even coming, pissed off my landlord who is fully aware of who/what this man is and sent him to come into my home… And now I’m sickened at the thought he is going to be in my home for 2 days repairing my floor.

I don’t have the means to just leave those 2+ days… And I wouldn’t want him in my home alone anyhow being he has a lengthy record. Am I even allowed to tell my landlord no/find somebody else?.. Recommendations on what I can/should do? Also, it is not a company doing the work, it is a guy he hired off the streets."

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“If that is public information and you were able to find it there is nothing preventing you from immediately discussing this situation with the landlord. Provided it is 100% accurate, HELL YES tell him it is UNACCEPTABLE to have this person do repairs in your home AND around your children. Besides, is a convicted sex offender even allowed around children? I think not?”

“I’m a property manager in DE… they should absolutely be giving you notice before stopping by, and you do not have to let anyone in your house without at least 48 hours notice. They could stop anytime by for the crawl space, but should be letting you know first. They can only come in with less notice for something major like a water leak but definitely not just to replace flooring. I would also email them, so it’s in writing, what you found out about the contractor and that you do not feel comfortable with them in your home, especially with young children. I’m not exactly sure what the laws are regarding contractors because we would never use anyone like that, so you should make it clear you will not allow them entry and then contact the JP court… they should be able to give you some guidance or point you in the right direction.”

“I am 1000% sure he is not supposed to be near your children, or any children, and you should report him. Yes, everyone needs to make a living, but he needs to figure out a way to do that and comply with his conditions as a registrant.”

“Call your landlord and tell him what you found out and tell him the man is not allowed back in your house. He must find someone else to do the job or you will call the police.”

“Call the cops. If he is a registered sex offender I’m sure there are conditions he has to follow about being around children/minors. Don’t even hesitate, call the police if your landlord refuses to hire someone else. He should NOT have access to your babies.”

“Unsure where you live but no one can enter the property without prior notice, even the owner/landlord.”

“As a tenant, you just have to leave the house while he is working if you feel uncomfortable. Your landlord is not responsible for doing background checks on subcontractors legally.”

“I would email or text the landlord so you have a legal copy. Tell him you under no circumstances will have a registered sex offender in your home and to find someone with no criminal record (as he should be doing anyways) this man now knows the ins and outs of your home so I recommend making sure there are locks on all windows and deadbolts on doors.”

“I’m pretty sure the dude can’t even legally take the job if you have kids in the home. I’d definitely tell the landlord to find someone else. Call your sheriff’s office to ask if the guy can legally be at your place and forward your findings to your landlord. You pay rent and have the right to refuse someone entry.”

“Contact local law enforcement and find out who handles RSO registration and discuss the situation with them.”

“You need to contact your landlord and explain the situation. Are you sure he knows that man is a sex offender? Your landlord may have no idea since he hired him ‘off the streets.’ I don’t know the legality of this situation but I would talk to your landlord first and foremost.”

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Holy smokes! He saw your 6 year old in just shorts. I just wouldn’t allow him anywhere near your home or children


I thought your landlord by law had to give you 24 hour notice before showing up or having anyone show up at your home? Maybe it’s just Ga and SC

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Naw I’d request my landlord to send someone else

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Refuse to let him in and either the landlord needs to notify you when someone is coming and who they are or don’t let them in at all just because you’re landlord owns the home you’re entitled to be safe and notified of who they’re sending to make repairs.


Don’t allow it, period. And put your concerns and boundaries in writing to your landlord - via email & registered mail if needed. Totes unacceptable. Good luck & stay safe.


Call your local cops to see what your rights are on this and let them know your landlord is ok with this .


Heck to the NOOOO. Don’t allow that sicko around PERIODT. Landlord is in the wrong if he KNOWS who this person is & knows you have a family. Eff that. Stay safe !

I would speak up and refuse!

Also, if your not dressed decent and either are your kids, have the guest, no matter who it is, wait outside until your decent, definitely don’t let him come back.


Call the police! If he is a registered sex offender he maybe breaking his parole, usually they are not allowed to be around children.


If they’re a registered sex offender and it’s to do with children he’s breaching his conditions CALL THE POLICE! Oh and dob ur landlord in too. Stay safe good luck xx


If he’s a registered sex offender doing a side job you could report it to the supervising office. If it’s not his actual job under a company’s name I don’t believe he can do the work without their permission. Add the fact that legally your landlord should be giving you a 24 hour notice before he or anyone else comes to the home unless in the case of an emergency and even more so now with COVID. I would express that law with your landlord moving forward and also tell him you’re not comfortable having a registered sex offender in your home whether you’re there or not. Unfortunately there is no law on who he chooses to do repairs on the house but you could approach it that you would like someone licensed and insured to do work

You allowed…them in once but you did not,an was unaware of their entry,later…into your Private abode…that is trespassing,landlord brought danger…seek legal advice there

First of all… Make ur husband aware of what is going on.


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A registered sex offender is not allowed anywhere near children by law and can go back to jail just by going near your children! You’re landlord needs to get someone else, you do not have to allow this man back in your home by law! It is also a rental violation if your landlord does not give you a 24 hour notice

Sex offenders aren’t supposed to be around kids under 16 I think it is and it’s on his record ! Probation /parole not allowed call cops n ask about that man !!


Tell landlord to get someone else :rage: And landlords have to give 24 hours notice for someone to come into your place


You are all being alittle paranoid. You don’t know why he had to register,it could have been for a bullshit charge. You are judging him without knowing the fax . Just dress properly and keep the kids busy in the other room with you, then have a private conversation with the landlord at a later date