My landlord will not let me bring my dog inside: Advice?

So we can’t have inside pets, and it was extremely hard just to find someone who would allow pets at all to rent from, but now that its winter time I am having a hard time getting my dog to sleep in her dog house; instead she sleeps on the ground away from it and will just shiver. It upsets me, and I just want to sneak her inside, but we got caught sneaking her in at night and told we would get evicted if she’s caught inside again. I have no idea what to do or how to keep her warm. We’ve tried blankets, straw, a heating pad, etc., and she still won’t sleep in her dog house. She takes the blankets out and lays them on the ground, but they end up soaked from dew, frost, and rain, and she chewed up the expensive “chew-proof” heating pad. Idk what to do. I don’t want to get rid of her cause we will be buying a house by next winter cause the virus kinda put off our plans of getting a house. I have honestly just thought about taking our chances and bringing her in on cold nights, but I’m nine months pregnant and have a five-year-old and don’t wanna risk eviction cause nothing available right now, and we can’t afford to move.


Id ask a friend or family member to foster her for a year until you can move.


You don’t have a garage? Or is that also off limits?


Try buying a storage shed and converting it into a huge dog house. You can insulate it etc.


Can you put up some sort of temporary shelter for the dog where she likes to lay? Like a tarp or something to at least protect from the elements a little better?


Poor baby :sob::sob: I’d sneak and set alarms but that’s just me. Or ask someone to foster her and offer to pay expenses so she’s not alone outside.


I know this sounds silly but what about in yr car with a portable heating blanket its safe its sheltered its yours? n what kind of dog (I have a husky) n he is the happiest in the cold even tho animal control has been called on us till they saw he wouldn’t come in :joy:

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Can she stay with family for a bit

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Try straw forms around where she lays do like a plastic lean to next to the house

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Sounds like you should try to find a foster home for her until you buy a house. Getting evicted while pregnant or with a newborn and another small child would not be worth it at all to sneak the dog in the house. Especially when you’ve already been caught previously. If you can’t find a foster home, then ask your landlord if you can build/setup a storage type shed in the yard for her to sleep in. If not, then you may have no choice, but to rehome the dog.


If you qualify, register them as a ESA. Federal law will shut them up.


What about a crate outside that she can get locked up in at night? You can fill it with blankets etc and have a blanket over top of the crate to prevent cold air getting through.


I’d bring her in anyway.


Atleast put her inside a car im sure you have one…then she won’t be as cold. She won’t survive in the cold all winter


Put her in the garage or ask if she can get in the basement. I totally get wht your landlord wont let u have her inside. If u cant do one of those ask a family member to take her for awhile thats what we did. Good luck


Look up rules…eviction. U can’t get evicted from November 1st-April 1st in my state. People will pay bills til November then pay nothing to landlords an they can’t get legally thrown out or have utilities shut off. Plus I couldn’t have pets but I suffered depression plus seasonal depression. One day on a whim when I was down I rescued a cat. Didn’t clear it.landlord understood an let it go…but not all are lucky. U could get it certified as therapy/support then hge legally can’t tbhrow u out.

Maybe try to see if somebody can watch her for a bit, it is way too cold out and during summer you will have the same issue with it being too hot and the fear of her overheating…


You can’t leave a dog out all winter no matter what the temperature is it’s way too cold it’s best if you would find another place to live that allows pets . It says a lot about people who don’t like pets or allow them in apartments or homes😢 Sad😢
Go stay outside for a little while and if you’re cold your dogs cold!!!:frowning:


How would your landlord know if you bring the dog in at night?


is there someone who can take her until you buy your house in a year? can you speak to the landlord and maybe offer a bond for keeping the dog inside?