My man confessed to me that he is into men: Advice?

My boyfriend for 3 years, the man I have a child with, and the guy I thought I was gonna marry just recently told me he was attracted to males. He said it was something he already knew before I first got pregnant with my first child and something he knew all along. I’m currently 4-months pregnant with our second child. He has completely shut us out of his life, occasionally showing up here and there, but yea… This situation happened in a matter of days. Last week we were just a happy family, living together and him telling me he loved me, saying we’ll be together forever. What do I do? How do I react? My heart is broken because the man I thought I was gonna be with forever, that picture got ripped away. My daughter is hurting. He’s away. He said he knew he was attracted to males, but he fully hasn’t got to know to what extent, as if he was interested in girls still or not. I know he has a lot to work on with himself, but I have a lot of stuff now I have to work on too. Please help. I need advice about my hurting heart.


Move on. Let.him be who he is. Come up with a co-parenting plan.


As hard as it sounds cut your losses and move on. Go
To court and do right by your children. It’s really not much different than a heterosexual guy. Only difference is you can’t trust him with men. Whether with a male or female it seems he’s no longer wanting a relationship with you


Focus on your daughter and yourself, let his problems be his, sounds like he has a lot to figure out, I know things are hard when you have a life plan and it just gets ripped out from under you, but you have a child you need to be strong for.


Tell him to call his boyfriend and get out


Naw. You need to just move on. Even if he was still into girls, I couldn’t be with a dude who likes dudes like that. No thanks


Accept him for who he is and focus on yourself and kids. That’s really all you can do, plus file for child support to help with income when you separate


Be happy you have two beautiful children, and co parent. I know it’s hard cause you love him, but I promise you will heal with time. I’m sorry you had to be the victim while he was fighting with who he really is, but it will be okay.


Leave. He’s already gone if he has shut you out. Don’t hang around hoping he’s going to say sorry I’m straight now


I have no advice but I have a family member this happened too they still live together in seperate bedrooms to the point one has a new partner in their bedroom all while the original couples three children live with them… It works for them as a family unit all together.


Unfortunately, this happens. Time will heal once you get over the shock. That’s all I got. :cry:

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I would have him move out. I know its must be heartbreaking for you. Let him figure his life out. In the mean time I would set boundaries. He chose to leave. He cannot come and go as he pleases. Set days to see your child. He cant leave and then the home life stay the same for him. This will be very confusing for your child if you let him do as he pleases with her time


Oh wow I am so sorry. I don’t even know what advice to give you, but my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have a bombshell like that dropped on you. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is try to co-parent with him, as long as he’s fit and he still puts the kid’s first. Also I don’t think it would hurt for you to maybe look into some counseling to help you and give you some tools to help you deal with this. I am so very sorry girl.


Just let him be you can co parent you will be okay take care


You don’t worry about nothing put your trust in God every thing happens for a reason God has better in store for you but you must believe he is the best


Have to sit down with him and have a serious talk about how you wanna move on with things no matter how hard it is, you also are gonna have to let him have his space to figure this out, he might be attracted to both male and female. And your gonna need your space to figure out what your truly want also


It all started with you insisting on sticking a finger in his butt


Well it’s nothing you have done but you have to let him go to make his decision cause it’s not fair to you to stick around you guys can dins a away to be one friends and still coming parent cause he was honest with you and he didn’t cheat on you so I know your hurt but like I said he didn’t cheat …

Wow that would gross me out, not knowing if he had intercourse with men then slept with you. I’m so sorry, time to move on. I know your heart is hurting right now


I’m sorry he did this. He should’ve never gotten you pregnant or tried to form a life with you knowing he was into men. That is wrong and simply cold. Once you’re doing hurting, I’d suggest you both have a sit down and talk about how the future is going to go.