My man doesn't want to be intimate: Advice?

Do you guys have problems with your man not wanting sex? Maybe it’s just a high sex drive, but I’ve wanted to every couple of days, and when I do, he’s just doesn’t want to. I’d say it’s because we’ve been having relationship issues for the past few days, but this has been going on for about 3-4 months now. Any suggestions? I’ve tried different positions different foreplay I’m struggling.


Ask him flat out is there someone else.


Sounds like he may have someone else…I would ask


Or maybe just talk to him . Men go through things as well …it has been a rough year for all of us . Communicate


Me being me, I dont have a high sex drive so unfortunately for hubby, its only when I can be bothered… I dont love him any less, nor want any one else, its just me…


When men don’t want sex there is typically an underlying issue. Ie…another woman, maybe he is dealing with some internal shit. You need to ask him

My husband is 13 years older than me. He is 35 and I am 22. When we first got together it was a big issue of me wanting it all the time and him not really wanting it as much as me. Hes good with like once a month maybe and i used to want it multiple times a week. As men get older their sex drive goes down. It doesnt mean he has someone else lol I know mine doesnt have someone else and we barely ever have sex anymore. If its just a low sex drive then maybe he could see his dr about it. If its relationship issues then deal with those and the sex stuff should just go back to normal. Him not wanting sex doesn’t always mean that he wants someone else. Sex drives are different! He wont always want it when you want it and vise versa


He either have somebody else or something else is going on

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Why does everyone jump to cheating?


Maybe he’s just tired. Communicate. Everyone is so quick to apply cheating and they May not be the case. Talk to him.


Either he’s just not interested, talking/seeing someone else, or low testosterone.


Just talk to him — he could be in pain? Tired? Stressed? Maybe you need to satisfy his love language first? Work from the outside, in…?


Y’all been hurt a lot. It’s NORMAL for a dude to not have an extremely high sex drive. Doesn’t mean he’s cheating :confused:. Stick a vibrator in his ass and have a fun time :kissing_closed_eyes::peach:

Buy yourself a toy! Use it right next to him lmao you’ll probably get off better anyway


Is he cheating? Men only don’t want it if they get it somewhere else or if they physically can’t maybe hes having some issues?


Yall need to stop saying its because of cheating. Some people just don’t have a high sex drive. Stop projecting your insecurities


Sometimes its testosterone, Sometimes it’s stress, he could just be exhausted, could be feeling down or self esteem, could be a issue he needs to see a urologist and he is embarrassed. Who knows! He is a human being… It is not always cheating. Put stuff in her mind going to cause more issues. Have a discussion with him


It could possibly be he is a bit depressed or very stressed. Depression and stress can cause your sex drive to pretty much be non-existent. It has been a sh*t show of a year and very well could be what’s going on.


My husband wasn’t cheating. It was a chemical issue that killed his sex drive


Sometimes there is an underlying issue and I’m sure you are not the problem girl . Talk to him . I know sometimes depression really lowers someone’s sex drive …or stress.